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Introducing Interior Decorator Anna Wood of Wood Design Co.

June 23, 2016
Introducing Interior Decorator Anna Wood of Wood Design Co.

Anna Wood is an interior decorator based in Melbourne. Having recently completed her Interior Decoration & Design qualification at RMIT, the Wood Design Co. was born and is definitely a company destined for great things.

Anna, formerly an accountant, turned her hand to interior decoration after many years working in a corporate environment. She loves to renovate and after several successful projects decided to take her passion to the market place and provide consultative services, specialising in residential interiors,

''I believe that the home is absolutely where the heart is. It is essential that a person steps through their own front door and loves what they see and how they feel when in their home''. Anna Wood | Wood Design Co.

With her own unique modern classic style, Anna has a fairly simple and laid back design aesthetic and believes that quality, beautiful materials and finishes do their own talking and that less is definitely more! She loves balance and symmetry (she thinks that’s the accountant in her!) and is a huge lover of styling with beautiful art, colour and personal artefacts to make a design unique and soulful.

Inspired by Melbourne and Melbourne architecture, Anna has a huge soft spot for a derelict period home and the prospect of restoration. With a few such projects now under her belt she takes intrinsic pleasure from restoring old gems to their former glory, creating beautiful homes with soul and maintaining the heritage streetscape.

We are such a big fan of Anna's work that we had to find out more. Anna was kind enough to take some time out of her busy schedule to chat with House of Home about what life is like as an accomplished decorator.

Decorator Anna Wood   Wood Design Co. 2

Decorator Anna Wood   Wood Design Co. 3

We’d love to hear about the types of assignments you work on in building design?

I love that the scope of assignments can be so wide and varied. Small scale assignments might include sourcing furniture or art for clients as compared to much larger projects that involve designing and fitting out an entire house.

Tell us about an accomplishment you are most proud of.

Probably the latest renovation that I have undertaken. We brought a derelict house back to life and created a beautiful light filled family home. The scale of this project was enormous! The transformation is amazing but I think what I’m most proud of is that I did it with two kids and a puppy in tow. I also happened to be heavily pregnant with my third child and by night I went to uni to finish off my interior design qualification. It was a crazy year but I look back at it all now and it was well worth it.

What’s does an average day in your life involve?

A typical day for me involves a reasonable amount of chaos! I spend a lot of it running around after the 3 kids and even my very needy dog! But that’s why I love working on interiors and the flexibility that goes with it. When I get a few hours to myself I sit down at my desk and work before then dashing off to pick up kids or take them to their next event. If I’m busy then at night I usually find the time to get another run at some work. If I’m not then I put my feet up with a glass of red and enjoy some great trashy TV!

Decorator Anna Wood   Wood Design Co. 4

Who inspires you?

I really love the work of both Matt Gibson & Robson Rak architects. I cannot go past a Victorian or Edwardian renovation/restoration and they have done some incredible projects on homes of this era. They make ultra-modern and period styles seamlessly blend. It’s like a work of art and I think they are so clever!

How would you describe your homes style?

I would describe my style as modern classic…I realise that’s a bit vague but I find it quite hard to categorise. I have a pretty simple design aesthetic. I love clean lines, I love quality pieces that will stand the test of time and I love colour.

What was your motivation for styling your home?

Home is my happy place. I’m surrounded by the people I love and also the things I love. When styling to meet the needs of my young family, practicality has played a large role in terms of the big ticket furniture items that I have chosen. Then with a largely indestructible base layer in place I have added layers of beautiful art, fabrics & colour to turn my house into a home that reflects our personality.

Decorator Anna Wood   Wood Design Co. 5

What’s the best piece of advice you could give someone about decorating their home?

Be mindful of your circumstances (e.g. a young family) when choosing your pieces and decor and decorate with personality. Surround yourself with things you love to look at.

We understand you’re passionate about interior design, if you could decorate any Australian’s home, who’s would it be and what would it look like?

I really love Australian architecture…. I’m picturing a beautiful Queensland weatherboard home, on stilts with a wrap around veranda and lots of French doors. Decorated in a modern rustic style and located in the Byron Bay hinterland. I think it would provide lots of inspiration for a landscape artist such as Belynda Henry or Cathy Quinn. That is if I could bare to part with it myself!

We’d love to know about what styles or trends you have personally embraced?

I do love a good trend like the next person but I am careful not to choose things that I think will date quickly. I went through a neon phase but I was careful just to fluoro up my top layer (e.g. the cushions) so that when I got sick of it (which I did!) it wasn’t a big deal to update. I am also a huge fan of all things marble which is still quite current but I don’t think that will date in a hurry. I think any material that was used before time was recorded should be able to outlive a trend!

How and where do you find the furnishings for your home?

The web is so good these days that I do buy a lot of my things online and I haven’t been disappointed yet. I do have my favourite Australian & Melbourne based stores and designers though so they are always my first stop for inspiration. I love Green Cathedral, Grazia & Co, Mark Tuckey and Jardan just to name a few. I’m always guaranteed to find something I love there.

I usually prefer to buy décor and art in store but I do love online stores such as Everything Begins, Nathan & Jac, Hunting for George and Lumiere Art & Co. They all have fantastic collections.

Decorator Anna Wood   Wood Design Co. 6

The House of Home team would like to thank Anna for her time.

Photos courtesy of Anna. If you would like to see more of the work Anna has done, check out our story on her 1920's home renovation in Canterbury, and her tips for a mini makeover at home.