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Trend Alert: Angled Interior Design

July 25, 2014
Trend Alert: Angled Interior Design

Horizontal and vertical lines form the basic elements of most architectural design. But in the world of furniture, if those lines are just ‘tweaked’ a little here and there, the most unexpected and delightful designs take form.

We see the ordinary become extraordinary amongst designers such as Branca-Lisboa, whose Aya Armchair and Fauteuil use the loveliest of lines. But by placing these lines at slightly unanticipated angles the most exciting geometry develops, and a simple chair becomes a modest masterpiece.

Examples of this lie much closer to home with the sublime Kristalia Compas Stackable Chair – there is a beautiful fluidity of form to these pieces that just wouldn't have occurred without the angular design.

French company AG Products – one of our pet loves at Maison d’Objet – playfully works with angles and colour to create an element of the unexpected. Not for the furniture faint-hearted, AG’s clever use of angles creates shapes within shapes within shapes; designs that continue to intrigue well after the first encounter.

ag products coffee table

For those inspired by a twist in convention, but still happy to opt for pieces that will work beautifully with the overall décor, Kartell just doesn’t put a foot wrong.

They create angles that attract the eye. And this is very important – it’s great to introduce bolder designs into the home, but they need to attract for all the right reasons, not all the wrong. If your eye is drawn to a piece in a quizzical or confused way, if your look rests on it as you try to figure it all out, then is it going too far? Kartell is a great example of sleek, stylish look-at-me-because-you-love-me items to covet.

Then there’s angle furniture that combines a sense of play with what might almost be geometric poetry, if we can go so far. The Anibou Tomahawk Campfire Table shows us how a variety of angled lines work together to create something that’s at once complex, yet so much fun. The otherwise sophisticated glass table is given a twist with its angled three leg ‘stack’. It reminds us a little of playing Pick-Up-Sticks, yet it’s so very stylish. Want!

See what catches your eye with these other angle designs – enjoy!