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MyState Bank - Andrew's Story

May 27, 2016
MyState Bank - Andrew's Story

Out for a bit of a Sunday drive eight years ago in 2008, Andrew and Shelley were driving past the Cremorne Beach turn off and decided to take walk along the beach. It had been over 15 years since either of them had visited the area.

At the time Andrew and Shelley were living in Howrah and never thought of leaving however, during that impromptu walk along the beach, they saw a house for sale and thought “yes, we could definitely live here. We fell in love with the location.” They recall.

Andrew and Shelley sold their home at the peak of the market and were pretty lucky to have the first person purchase the home on their first inspection – it was meant to be!


There was no hurry in making any changes to the beach shack as Andrew and Shelley recall it being quite easy to live in as it was equipped with new carpets, new kitchen and a great back deck. There were some idiosyncrasies of the home to get used to as it had a multiple “add on’s” which meant uneven steps up to some rooms and more steps down to other levels of the home. This time spent in the home was invaluable as Andrew and Shelley could get to know all the facets of the home in all seasons and it helped in planning their new build.


The actual planning of the build took over two years with council overlays and geomorphologist reports slowing the process down. The architect drew up a concept which from the very first drawing was exactly what Andrew and Shelley would have wanted however they also wanted low maintenance and practical elements added. Some sections were changed to ensure that they spent time living and loving their home. Andrew and Shelley took inspiration from a luxury Penthouse they stayed in during a visit to Noosa and their wish list included top quality fit out of 2.7 metre, double glazed and argon filled 2.5 r rating windows with sun e-glass. Because of the wind element living on the coast the fittings needed to be of commercial standards.

“The whole house is about the view, bringing the beach, water and sky inside. To us, that is what the house is about and it’s our favourite part of the home, that uninterrupted vista.” Andrew and Shelley reflect on their building brief.

Deciding to choose earthy tones for both the exterior and interior and is a masterstroke choice ensuring nothing is taken away from what the central focus is yet still creating a warm and inviting internal space. The couple didn’t want the house to look odd in such a natural setting. The outdoor decking areas were also strategically placed to avoid as much of the wind as possible and for the back deck to be able to see right through the house to the views. Given the location is directly on the beach, sea breezes can be pretty much guaranteed in the afternoons of each summer day so this was an absolute must.


MyState were involved from the start, as they have been long standing clients and Shelley works for them, they had no hesitation in seeking their guidance. “The advice given was invaluable as we were planning to subcontract the work as owner builders. This can be a tricky path if not managed well.” Andrew and Shelley recall. The whole build took 12 months from start to finish and they were advised that costs could blow out by as much as 20% however, they were certain it wouldn’t happened to them with careful planning. As it turned out, their consultant from MyState was correct, the project had blown out even with all the budgetting. Andrew and Shelley feel it was really important to have MyState to talk to before and during the build so that they understood exactly what needed to happen and when.

Andrew and Shelley recall the first major challenge of the build was in trying to retain a 3-4 metre sand dune, which is where the costs were incurred. The windows also needed to be remade as they were not the correct wind grade and the kitchen bench was replaced twice. Whilst it may not sound significant, hold ups can be costly.


Now that the build is finished and Andrew and Shelley love everything about the place and wouldn’t change a thing. “The best part is the lifestyle, being able to go fishing every weekend - every day in summer. To walk out the door and walk the dog on the beach.” They rejoice together.

Their advice to those considering owner builder options would be to be prepared for loads of stress, research everything, and add extra expenses as the unexpected may occur.

Thank you Andrew and Shelley for showcasing your home as part of the MyState & House of Homes series.

These articles were brought to you by MyState. MyState is Tasmanian based bank with a national home loans business through brokers across Australia.

Image Credit: Oliver Berlin, Photographer, Hobart