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An Original 1860s Timber Hut

October 21, 2015
An Original 1860s Timber Hut

The old timber hut sits modestly tucked away in a quite lane in the heart of Beechworth. If you weren’t looking for it, you may actually never know it was there but, as you approach the lane, the striking texture of historical timber, the chimney piece and the quaint garden lure you in as you realise this is one very special property.

This hut dates back to 1860, an original timber slab hut that was built in Taggerty before being rescued by the current owners Gina and Matt who had their eye on the hut back in the early 2000’s.

1860 GINA 1

1860 L 23

1860 L 2

1860 L 1

1860 L 3

“The owner had sold his farm and this hut was sitting on the property and was in need of some attention. We didn’t want to see it demolished by the new owners. So, in 2003 we bought it and moved it piece-by-piece to Beechworth, numbering all timber beams so we could fit it back together again.” | Gina

The labour of love continued for over four years with the construction and restoration taking its time due to Gina and Matt starting a family.

1860 L 14

1860 timber hut

“We just put the hut on the back-burner for a little while, but the time we did spend on it was enjoyable.” | Gina

1860 L 19

1860 L 20

1860 L 21

1860 L 22

1860 L 17

An old barn was purchased from Markwood and the materials were recycled as the original hut required some more upright slabs and the woven bark was used internally on the walls. The floorboards are a mix of Jarrah and Redgum and come from an old warehouse.

As the restoration continued, Matt and Gina were determined to use traditional methods as would have been used back when it was built. Lime filler was used in between the timber beams, and a stone mason constructed the fireplace. Rope is used as a detail between joins in doorways and when a change of material meets, demonstrating this couples absolute attention to detail.

“The whole restoration process was a lot of hard work and we thought it was madness.” | Gina

However, the results are amazing. The hut is now a one bedroom self contained luxury accommodation with Gina managing the business for the past 8 years. The interior of the home is furnished with natural materials, either, cotton, leather or wood and many of the items are salvaged or recycled.

1860 L 6

1860 L 16

1860 L 18

1860 kitchen

Living Room 1860 Cabin

1860 L 4

1860 L 5

1860 Livingroom

The sink in the ensuite was an old laundry sink that was cut down and made to fit. Even and old toilet cistern has been recycled to fit in the space Gina explaining that they placed a brick inside to reduce the amount of water used per flush. Matt made the dining table and the stools at the kitchen bench were a bespoke custom made order.

1860 L 9

Bathroom 1860 cabin

“Other bits and pieces around the place we have found at markets, garage sales or restored ourselves.”

1860 L 7

1860 L 10

1860 L 11

1860 L 13

1860 L 8

“Our guests love the place because of the simple style, paired back furnishing. We have purposefully put nothing on the walls as we feel they are art themselves.” Gina explains.

Gina’s favourite part of the hut is the gorgeous verandah were you can sit and enjoy the view under the shade on the comfy sofa. Her other favourite place is the large oversized leather couch in the living room.

1860 is a wonderful demonstration of how a vision to restore something of such historical significance is truly worthwhile.

Brenda, and the House of Home Team, would like to thank Gina & Matt for letting us Step In Side their amazing 1860's home.

Heading to Beechworth and want to stay in this beautiful timber hut? Then be sure to visit and book your accommodation today.

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