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An Open Entertaining Holiday Home

September 01, 2015
An Open Entertaining Holiday Home

As the cooler months start to melt away the promise of sunshine and holidays starts to blossom in our minds. When you are on holiday at the beach, you can be easily seduced into the idea of owning your very own slice of paradise in the form of a holiday home. Before we get swept away by the promise of beach side cocktails and BBQ's in the sun, we need to pause and discuss design.

When designing the perfect beach house, there a few things that need to be taken into consideration. A beach house is an invigorating retreat that is supposed to help us leave and forget about our every day stresses of our regular daily lives. It's a space for us to relax in whilst enjoying the coastal vistas from the veranda. The overall look of a beach retreat has to be light, open and needs to adjusts to our shifting lives and holiday schedules. That being said a holiday home needs to be a flexible entertaining space as well as a family holiday home.

We took design inspiration and direction from this beautiful Noosa retreat with it's stylish yet simple open plan living. Follow our simple style design guide for hints and tips on how to create the perfect relaxed seaside retreat, without turning to cast-off furnishings and Op-shop homewares.

rsz 78 noosa parade  dsc2465

No one on holiday wants to spend time out of the sun and water slaving over the kitchen stove; kitchens therefore tend to be an after thought in holiday home design. A beach house holiday home needs to be clean, austere design and refreshingly open. Take direction from this kitchen with its large light toned stone island with copious storage. The dark timber flooring provides a soft contrast to the polished tile of the open lounge space, the colour of the kitchen also helps to tie the rest of the entertaining space together to create a seamless look in an easy but elegant way.

rsz 78 noosa parade  dsc2470

The dining area in a beach house retreat should be informal and should take full advantage of any available vistas. It should be a space that you can eat a simple breakfast then transition in the evenings to provide a stylish easy entertaining space. Flexible timber dining tables are a great investment as they are timeless pieces that can suit multiple dining settings. Choose casual dining chairs to compliment the relaxed breezy beach atmosphere, no one wants to sit in rigid leather dining seats in the heat!

rsz 78 noosa parade  dsc2459

The lounge area is considerably important in holiday home design. It is the place where you and your guest will spend time together or lie down after after a day in the sun. The space needs to be comfortable and open, choose large soft plush sofas that you can throw yourself onto and fall into a nap instantly, they should also be able to accommodate a group of people at once. Wide coffee tables are also important for this entertaining space, think a table large enough to suit board games and cheese platters at the same time. The living room should also if possible, take in the available beach views. Don't limit your holiday home to just the warmer seasons, Fireplaces and double glazed windows are essential elements for creating a flexible and all year round usable holiday home.

rsz 78 noosa parade  dsc2494

No beach house is complete without an open deck area. These verandas should also be paired back and easy going. Simple outdoor lounge suits, armchairs and a BBQ should be more than enough. The deck above features, an open deck with built-in lounge benches, which makes for a perfect way for storing all your holiday equipment. Don't forget you can also be a tad more liberal with outdoor furniture, choose bright fresh colours like whites, blues, greens or yellows which can easily tie in with inspiring environment that surrounds your holiday retreat.

rsz 78 noosa parade  dsc2509

Bedrooms in holiday homes should be calming as well as clean.The use of large windows with beach views and plantation shutters in this Noosa holiday house is a perfect example of simple paired back design beach house design. Bedding and manchester should be relaxed and fun, think stripes, chevrons, or coral patterns; compliment this look with charming bedroom furnishings, made from natural materials such as cane, rattan or wicker.

Beach Vista

Day beds with water views in secluded areas are also a great way to maximise on space in your holiday retreat. Not only does it provide a private escape from the rest of the house, it also affords extra bedding for last minutes guests.

Bunk Bed Bedroom

If you have children, holiday houses should be a fun experience. Bunk beds are a traditional feature for holiday homes, but don't be limited by design! Choose bunk beds that utilise the rooms original design, custom built in bunk beds are great for creating a cool and playful atmosphere in spare rooms. This Noosa holiday home has cleverly incorporated double beds into their room design which also allows adults to also use this shared space. Extra storage is also essential in these rooms; baskets, trunks and tall boys help keep the space clean, especially if each guest has their own draw.

Noosa Bathroom

Bathroom should be bright, cheerful and textured. Choose natural stone tiles in neutral colour tones, combine this look with fresh green living elements by using plants. As with bedding, bathroom linen should be fresh and exciting, so choose lively colours to contrast the neutral tones of your bathroom finishes.

rsz 78 noosa parade  dsc2488

For that added element of luxury, a beach house should feature an epic built in pool. Infinity pools are sleek and modern and will up the value of any seaside retreat. Use plants and natural vegetation to screen your pool for extra privacy.

Every beach house should have an indoor/outdoor design emphasis. You and your guests should be able to seamlessly transition from the exterior to the inner spaces of the house. Using authentic materials such as natural timbers, ceramic, stone, linen and cotton, which compliment your environment will help to create a relaxed essence to your holiday home which is completely separate from your home. With a simple sophisticated colour palette and comforting furnishing, you can recreate this elegant example of the perfect synthesis of style and relaxation.