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The Reykjavik Collection by Amy Perejuan-Capone

July 23, 2014
The Reykjavik Collection by Amy Perejuan-Capone

Written by guest blogger Amy Perejuan-Capone

I come from a background of fine arts and biological science, both of which I like to explore in my work. My pieces sit somewhere between art and design, where the poetics of space, experience and gesture inform the creation of useable objects, sculpture and installations.

My label Horse On Toast is sculptural, personal, useful and slightly strange. The name refers to the first meal I ate outside of Australia, in Helsinki Finland, severely jetlagged and unable to distinguish cured horse from prosciutto! The Reykjavik Collection is my very first collection which I will be completing as I finish my Advanced Diploma of Industrial Design at Central Institute of Technology (CIT), Perth. Previously I have completed a Bachelor of Fine Art in 2007, moved to Albany WA to study ecology, lived in Finland for a bit, spent 2012 in Sydney, and travelled for a good chunk of 2013. All of this moving around has been really important to my practice as a designer, and with the excellent training I’ve received from CIT I’ve been able to use my experiences to develop original work.

amy perejuan capone reykjavik cabinet

Amy Perejuan-Capone & her Reykjavik Cabinet design

I am inspired by travel, especially to places as far from Australia as possible! I have a thing for long-haul flights and the longer the flight time the better because it’s the best down-time I get (having short legs helps). I have been on several artist residencies around the world; New York, Helsinki, and Iceland twice.

Iceland portrait amy perejuan capone

Iceland portrait

Iceland is a beautiful and unique country where oddness and magic are part of everyday life. I’ve spent time in both the rugged north in a tiny town called Skagaströnd and in the lovely capital Reykjavik, and even got married there! The mountains, black beaches, ice and fire are probably my single biggest inspiration for making and I sought to express this sense of quirkiness and adventure with the Reykjavik Cabinet project. Early concepts for the design were sketched out on hot-chocolate stained note paper in a little cafe in the middle of what seemed like a blizzard (to this west coast Australian girl anyway), and was inspired by my observations of life around me. Reykjavik is a beautiful city where the tallest building is the grand and surreal Hallgrimskirkja cathedral and downtown is a winding maze of shingle-roofed homes with glowing windows. People love to keep tiny figurines and flowers on the windowsill, and it was these framed pretties that inspired the form of the Reykjavik Cabinet. The cabinet has since spawned the Reykjavik Collection, with a little side table, hall table, children’s miniature bookshelf and possibly a sofa set.

amy perejuan capone cabinet close up

Close-up view of the Reykjavik Cabinet

My 2015 collection has also been inspired by the mountainous landscape of Iceland, as well as the rock-climbing and caving I enjoyed as a kid growing up in south-west Western Australia. I can’t give too much away at this stage, but this collection will be precarious, geological, balanced and colourful! I look forward to graduating at the end of this year so I can get cracking on this next project!