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Air Conditioners

January 30, 2014
Air Conditioners

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Choosing an air conditioner for your home is something that more and more Australian families are doing.

Years ago, air conditioners for the house where considered to be more of a luxury item and not a necessity.

Air conditioners, and air conditioning for the home, were often thought of as expensive and something that requires maintenance and upkeep.

However, over time technology has advanced, more brands are making air conditioners and luckily for the consumer – this makes buying an air conditioner for the home a more affordable option.

The choice of what type of air conditioning to buy for your home will depend on a few factors. Some of these factors may include:

  • Budget – there are a range of products and, in turn, prices available and this will differ according to what air conditioning system you may select.
  • Home Design – the size of your space and the number of rooms you want to have air conditioning in will impact what air conditioner is right for you.
  • Individual lifestyle/comforts – do you prefer a cold, refrigerated breeze or just a cool, non-refrigerated air flow?

Whatever the choice, this will help you to narrow down what air conditioner is best for you. If you’re buying an air conditioner for the first time, it can be confusing and somewhat overwhelming given the choices available.

Following, is an overview of some of the most popular air conditioning systems for the home:

Evaporative Air Conditioners

Evaporative air conditioning, also sometimes referred to as ducted evaporative air conditioning, is a terrific system for homes that are larger and possibly multi-storey.

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Refrigerated Air Conditioners

Refrigerated Air Conditioning is a popular air conditioning system choice for single rooms in the home. A refrigerated air conditioner uses the evaporation of a refrigerant liquid to provide the cooling for the space.

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Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners

Reverse cycle air conditioning can provide both refrigerant cooling for the home and heating, hence “reverse cycle”. The system works by extracting heat from outside air and transfers it inside using a process of coils, refrigerants and a compressor.

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There are also other ways to cool your home that you may like to consider as complimentary to whatever air conditioning system you ultimately select. These can include:


Electric fans, ceiling fans and box fans can all assist in cooling the temperature in your home. They simply work by circulating the air within the space. However, they will not provide refrigerated, cold air to the room.

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Passive Solar Energy

Passive Solar Energy can be used to cool, heat and in fact light your home. It is a natural form of energy where no mechanical appliances are needed. Passive cooling design is about being aware of the impact the summer sun has on your home and trying to minimise this. Think about the cooling breeze and how to best orientate your home to capture the natural ventilation. Also, use structural building methods like eaves and natural landscaping to help create shade around the home.