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Adorama Lighting 

July 20, 2015
Adorama Lighting

Lighting design is very personal and deciding on what form of lighting your home needs can be a daunting task for many. For most people, shopping for lights, whether it is for a new build, renovation or updating existing lighting, can be frustrating. Having to sift through the infinite amount of options available on the market can also be overwhelming. However, if you’re lucky enough to be living in beautiful Perth then have we found the perfect store for you! Not only does this independent lighting retailer pride themselves on friendly staff, they also deliver expert advice on what products are best suited to your needs.

Based in Morley, WA. Adorama Lighting is a family owned company with a focus on bringing a wide variety of affordable, quality made lighting products to the public. Adorama Lighting is a store based on the local business mentality of placing its focus on having friendly staff with exceptional and personal customer service skills. In an industry with so many large scale warehouse style lighting stores, we took some time this week to speak with Adorama Lighting’s Managing Director, Christine, who after many years of being a University Lecturer took on the challenge of running a successful independent lighting business.

Owned by Christine, Adorama Lighting also employs her two daughters who assist with part-time stock management, website maintenance as well as customer service and enquiries. Christine also employs her son-in-law who assists her with visual merchandising and keeping her store looking as fabulous and fresh as possible. This accomplished family work together with determination to provide warm, friendly and exceptional service that their customers have come to appreciate.

So, how did Christine come up with a name like Adorama?

“The name is a configuration of my grandchildren’s names. Ado is short for my grandson, Adham, while Rama is my granddaughter’s name, Amar, spelt in reverse,” commented Christine. You can hear the sincerity in Christine’s voice as she describes the passion she has for her business.

“My family and I are local residents of Morley, and my business is in the same area. Supporting local business is very important to me. Being independent and dealing with quality made products, really “light up” one’s life!” Take chandeliers for instance, Christine is extremely passionate for them.

“I love Chandeliers, just having one in your home is enough to bring a little extra happiness into your life. When the lights are on, the crystals will come alive! You can watch them dance and play with the different colours they emit, it’s beautiful,” comments Christine.

Given Adorama Lighting is an independant business, its no wonder their major focus is on the need of the individual. Christine has been in the lighting industry a number of years and her knowledge of products is a great asset. Investing in the right lighting piece is easy with Christine’s help.

“Customers have various needs. I sell a great deal of globes, especially LEDs. The most popular product is a Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Sphere, which sell at around $12 and are easy to install in a bathroom,” comments Christine.

“Some customers even bring in their entire lighting plans. I absolutely love helping them choose their lighting,” adds Christine.

Adorama Lighting’s staff encourages customer’s individual tastes. The store has a vast range of products from custom shades, downlights, pendant lights, table and floor lamps as well as LED, halogen globes and fluorescent lighting. Customers can pick and choose from a great range, to create a truly unique product that is appropriate to their individual taste and need.

“Lighting is so personal, I wouldn’t fit out a person’s home without them working with me to reflect their personality and likes,” remarked Christine.

Adorama Lighting is the perfect place to solve all your lighting problems with its extensive range of carefully curated quality pieces from a number of reputable manufacturers. Christine is quick to point out that being an independent retailer means that her business has a “special feel” about it and a uniqueness that sets her apart from other retailers in the lighting industry. Being an independent business and having a PhD in Sociology, Christine has a unique view of the future of the lighting Industry. Christine believes that the trend is shifting more towards energy efficient and sustainable products.

“The future of lighting will be to have LED fittings,” comments Christine who, also goes onto say that the advances of technology will be benefiting the consumer more and more in the future.

“Lighting not only needs to generate a ‘wow’ factor, it needs to be well-made, user friendly and energy efficient. I had one customer going out the door with some LED lights the other day, laughing over the fact that she will never have to change a globe!” states Christine.

“I am very keen for my shop to be a warm, friendly and pleasant place to be in. What else but a warm smiling sun logo could be a symbol emulating such characteristics.” comments Christine.

With its smiling sun logo and supporting and knowledgeable staff, we are sure Adorama Lighting will continue to be the successful business it is. Be sure to pop in and visit Christine and her team when you’re next searching for your perfect lighting solution.

Christine at Adorama

The House of Home team would like to thank Christine for her time and sharing with us more about her fantastic business, Adorama Lighting.