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How To Add Personality To Your Home

February 12, 2015
How To Add Personality To Your Home

We’ve all experienced this. We walk into someone’s home and instantly, our mood can change. It’s powerful. The emotions experienced can be anything from relaxed and pleased to restricted and anxious and everything in between. Keeping this in mind, a good rule of thumb to follow when creating your rooms is that the styling should reflect how you want to feel when you walk in there. For example, do you want your home office or study to make you feel stress-free and composed or alert and creative? Sounds straightforward right? Well, this can be challenging when you’re styling a home to be shared with a family of different characters. For example, a relaxed and comfortable lounge room for you could mean a sterile and unwelcoming room to your partner. So, how do you get around this? How do you inject warmth and personality into your home and in turn, please all the members of your family? We have the following tips that should help you on your way to adding personality to your home that makes all the family happy!

Add Life To Your Space

When it comes to making your room feel full of personality, you really can't go past incorporating plants and greenery into your design. Plants instantly bring life to a room and can help create a calming and welcoming space. Be it a beautiful pot plant by your favourite chair in the loungeroom, a hanging plant cascading in your bedroom or a lovely fern on the bathroom vanity, plants are a perfect solution to help add personality to your home.

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Indoor greenery for the home

Light Up Your Room

Is your personal style preference industrial or modern, chic or traditional? Whatever your style, a fantastic way to incorporate some personality into your space is with some statement pendant lights. When selecting your lights, do you need these for tasks or just for ambiance? Whatever your need, keep this in mind as it will help narrow down your choices of what's perfect fro you.

Personalise Your Walls

Gone are the days when we just add a splash of white paint to the walls. To really personalise your space, think outside the square and how much of a blank canvas walls within your home really are. Do you have a favourite cityscape or landscape that holds special memories for you? Do you love geometric designs and patterns? Whatever your answer, think about a photographic removable wallpaper or traditional wallpaper customised to your style and space. From graffiti city streets to Tuscan rolling hills, your really only limited by your imagination. Do you have a series of family holiday snaps? Rather than having them printed and framed the traditional way, why not try a personalised montage of the images for your walls. This is such an expressive and exciting way to personalise your space.

Displaying Personal Keepsakes and Collections

Nothing personalises a room more so than by displaying your treasured keepsakes or collections. Whatever your collection, think of creative ways you can display your items that really make them a focal point. Assembling items like books, crockery and toys in colour groups makes for a powerful visual statement. Will the items display nicely in perhaps different size glass jars or, hung directly on a wall in a pattern or perhaps stacked on shelves? You can really have some fun with this!

Personal Collection Display In the home

Personal Collection Displays

Work with Texture and Layering

Everything you own reflects your personality, in one way or another, so take advantage of your taste and learn the art of layering your belongings. Rest art on furnishings or walls if you've run out of space to hang them. Stack homewares and keepsakes on top of furniture and use height to your advantage. Enhance your flooring by layering different patterned or textured rugs on top of each other, this will also help give an illusion and enhance space.

decorating tips decorating with vintage rugs layer

Decorating Trial and Error

Sometimes, even the best laid plans go wrong. It’s important not to stress if you find that what you had in your mind, doesn't translate into your interior space. The good news is, nothing is permanent and it can be fixed. Be mindful that things can grow on you so don’t be too eager to change the space.

Before and After Fireplace

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