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Creating a Scandinavian Vibe at Home

March 07, 2016
Creating a Scandinavian Vibe at Home

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A style that is renowned for its functional yet stylish simplicity and beautiful craftsmanship, Nordic design has had a major influence in Australia and it is here to stay!

Simplicity, purity and liveability are the essential ingredients to creating a Nordic design aesthetic. Given that this style renowned for its paired back minimalism, it’s important to understand how best to accessorise your space in order to craft an authentic Scandinavian sanctuary.

A beautiful Nordic vibe can generally be achieved through the elegant styling of accessories and homewares in a less-is-more-approach. The overall look needs to be uncluttered and low key. When selecting accessories choose elements that work together harmoniously. Items should incorporate neutral, or soft muted tones, tactile textures and light timbers against a predominantly all white back drop.

Key Accessories for a Nordic Look

Accessories Nordic Vibe

Layered Textures

It’s all about texture. Wool, Furs, Hides Sheepskins and Natural Textiles such as Linens and Chunky Cable Knits add softness a beautiful cosy, tactile quality. Think fur hides can placed over a floor rug, cushions scattered over throw blankets on sofas and beds.

Subtle Splashes of Colour

Keep colours soft, fresh and clean. Muted tones of smoky blues, soft greys, milky whites, dusty pinks and chalky mustard hues will capture light to reflect a fresh, clean looking interior.

Wood Accents

Wood accents help to create a sense of warmth in a predominantly white space. Look for raw unfinished or carved / sawn pale timbers.


Concrete adds a lovely raw quality a slight industrial look which compliments the organic nature of this Nordic style beautifully.


Marble is loved for its timeless, elegant appeal. It create balance and a sense of softness when teamed with other raw organic materials typical of the Nordic style.

Tan Leather

Leather is robust but has a sense of softness that adds timeless beauty and warmth to a Nordic aesthetic.

Black Elements

The Nordic style is predominantly Monochromatic. Incorporating black accessories with help to define an all-white interior and bring a touch of refinement and sophistication to the aesthetic.


Simple geometric shapes are an undeniable focus within this style. There is an undeniable focus on Geometry can be introduced through furniture, cushions, and accessories.


Pattern should be used sparingly. Designs are typically simple, botanical illustrations in a symmetrical style, crosses, block shapes, stripes, or animals are all typical of this style.

Strong Graphics and Typography

Create a bold statement with framed poster and prints. It’s a great way to introduce art to your interior with a strong presence that’s cost effective.


Inject colour and create an oasis by introducing plants to purify. Lush greens look brilliant against a bright white back drop and help to reinforce that organic, natural quality within the space. Displaying plants and flowers in beautiful vases will add life and vibrancy.

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