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The A-Z of Hygge 

June 13, 2017
The A-Z of Hygge

26 ways to get Hygge

Hygge can be summed up as the ‘Danish way to live well’ but it’s so much more than that. There’s a number of ways to experience and to create ‘Hygge’. In fact there’s at least 26 ways at a minimum.

In order to Hygge well,  it’s important to create the right atmosphere and ambiance. It’s about sharing, caring and coming together for quality time with loved ones, to cook, to have hobbies, to take things to slow, to appreciate what you have, enjoy your home, celebrate the simple things, embrace cosy decor, treasure personal effects that hold sentimental value such as photos, and most importantly relish the things you love.

To assist our readers  to gain a better understanding of what Hygge actually is, we thought we thought we would take you back to basics with an A-Z poster of all the beautiful things that reflect a Hygge lifestyle.

A Z of Hygge Large

To learn more about the Danish art of happiness, discover Hygge home decorating tips and find yummy Hygge recipes, by visit our series of articles below.

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Image Credits: Header image - | A-Z of Hygge - Julia Chapman (Illustrator & Graphic Designer)