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Renovating Your Home's Entrance

January 30, 2014
Renovating Your Home's Entrance

Nothing says “welcome to our home” more than a gorgeous entrance.

When renovating your home's entrance, be sure to consider both the exterior entrance and the interior entrance.

Likewise, consider the overall ambience you want to create and, if this look is achievable both in the daytime and in the evening.


  • If you have the luxury of beautiful high ceilings, consider hanging some dramatic lighting like a chandelier or a beautiful pendant in your interior entrance.
  • If height is not something you have in your entrance, why not incorporate ambient lighting with the addition of a lovely table lamp on a sideboard or shelf.
  • When it comes to outdoor lighting for your home's entrance, consider task lighting as you will have to be able to unlock the front door.
  • Security lighting, such as sensor lights, are also a great option for the home entrance.
  • Lighting the path to your front door can also create a wonderful ambience and, at the same time, serve a function.

Modern Home Entrance


  • A fresh coat of paint to your front door and entrance walls can instantly change the look and feel of your home. Consider the remainder of the homes style as this will influence your colour pallet choices.
  • Wallpaper is a great solution to an entrance wall. It can be impactful, directional and a real statement to the interior.
  • Mirrors are a lovely addition to an interior entrance as they help to make the space feel brighter and lighter.
  • Artwork such as paintings and posters or family photos instantly creates a welcoming atmosphere.
  • A rug can really define and ground the entrance space.

Home Entrance Foyer


  • Ideally, your interior entrance should be very functional.
  • Placing of a hat stand, clothes hooks, umbrella storage and possibly even shoe storage for both yourself and your guests will assist to declutter the area and keep the space purposeful.
  • If space is not a problem, a hall table or credenza is a lovely addition for a vase of flowers, treasured objects and a great place for your keys and mail.

Home entrance storage