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A Stylish, Warm Family Home 

December 03, 2014
A Stylish, Warm Family Home

In 2007 Louise and Phil decided to renovate their home.

However, after having initial plans drawn they soon found themselves living in Far North Queensland for a year instead.

The 12 month departure turned out to be a smart move for the couple – by the time they returned they’d have enough distance from the project to look at it anew, make amends and be really confident with the revisions.

They started off with a three bedroom, one bathroom shared wall house of 85m2 in size.

By the end of the year+ renovation, they found themselves with a four bedroom, three bathroom house with a separate dining/living area, rooftop terrace, internal courtyard (a total of 170m2 in size, so just short of double their original footprint).

In Louise’s opinion, their alpha move was appointing Lauren McKillop Concepts.

The couple was adamant they wanted Lauren across all aspects of the renovation, including selecting all new products for the house.

Louise Crawford Kitchen Credit
  • Louise and Phil's stunning renovated kitchen. Image credit

Lauren would provide a short list of options from which Louise and Phil would make their final selection.

This proved a huge time save for the busy professional couple (Louise, now on maternity leave, was at the time working in financial services whilst Phil is an engineer).

As the property had a heritage overlay, Lauren also consulted with the local council throughout the planning process and planning approval was obtained without a glitch.

There were several components to the brief – the new home must maximise natural light (it is north facing and therefore was quite dark in its former guise).

Louise Crawford Deck Credit
  • The amazing deck that allows beautiful light to stream through and literally doubles the family living space. Image credit

It must have clean, modern lines and appear sleek and contemporary.

And although at the time of their renovation environmental targets were not mandatory, the couple wanted an environmentally sensitive designed house and one that would function effectively moving forward (especially, for example, with home heating).

The extensions and renovations were completely disruptive to family life, prompting Louise and Phil to move out for most of the duration of the work.

Rooms were added, the hallway was widened, a feature wall introduced, skylights in the main bedroom, hydronic heating systems installed, and hard landscaping included.

Louise Crawford Loungeroom Credit
  • The beautiful loungeroom and kitchen area that functions perfectly for the family. Image credit

The result – an incredibly stylish, crisp, warm family home. The couple was so impressed with Lauren that she has now been appointed to renovate their early 1900s homestead in South Australia.

We are looking forward to hearing more about that reno!

Louise Crawford Bathroom Credit
  • The beautiful bathroom with a stylish neutral colour pallet. Image credit

Louise’s renovation advice:

  • Find professionals you can work with and who are not afraid to push back.

  • Select your builder carefully. Visit some of the builder's previous works and seek out testimonials as well so that you can be confident going into the build.

  • Work with your local council through all aspects of the planning process - it will prevent any unwanted surprises.

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