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A Quick Guide On Comparing Timber Flooring Quotes

January 20, 2015
A Quick Guide On Comparing Timber Flooring Quotes

Changing the flooring in an existing home is one of the sure fire ways to really update a space without making structural changes. New timber floors will definitely give a more spacious feel. There is a great range of timber flooring products on the market currently, and these vary quite considerably in price point. So if you have been looking for options and are now in the process of comparing quotes and making a decision, use our handy guide to make sure you are comparing apples with apples or at least oak with oak.

First thing – what kind of timber flooring are you getting?

Your quote should clearly state what type of timber flooring will be laid:

AND the species of the timber flooring you have chosen.

The Details

If you've had a company come to site to provide you with a quote then here’s a list of what, at a minimum, they should have checked out and should be stated on the quote.

  • What are you being quoted for – a complete job? Installation only? Sand & Polish? Or just supply of the materials?
  • What size is the area to be fitted with a new floor?
  • What’s the flooring being fitted onto – concrete, chipboard or existing floorboards?
  • Who is responsible for the pull up and removal of existing tiles, carpet, flooring?
  • If you are getting solid timber floorboards then:
  • What is the grade – select-prime/standard or feature?
  • What style of coating are you getting?
  • What gloss level do you want – gloss/ semi gloss/satin or matte?

If you have stairs in the area these should be clearly identified in the quote, and it should say how many as they do take additional time and materials.

Finishing Touches

Then there are things like:

  • Do your skirting boards need to be removed?
  • Who is responsible for this and fitting them back on? Probably also worth noting that you will need to do some touch up painting, and this is unlikely to be covered in the flooring quote.
  • And the big one, who is taking all of the rubbish away from site?

The majority of flooring companies are great to work with, but if you just work through this simple checklist it will help you avoid any unexpected costs or surprises.

And finally, make sure you get information on the care instructions for your floor.

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