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9 Ways to Use & Style an Armchair

February 25, 2015
9 Ways to Use & Style an Armchair

Any single piece of furniture can be used as a styling masterpiece or focal point of your home. Armchairs can be used in a dozen different ways including as a stylish piece to give off the illusion of comfort, relaxation, parties, luxury, casual fun and much more. Learn how to style your armchairs in 9 different ways.

1. Using armchairs instead of loveseats While some might think that sofas and loveseats are standard for living rooms, many people are beginning to acknowledge the chic style of including armchairs in your decor. Instead of the classic loveseat, opt instead for a large sofa and two matching armchairs all set around a classic coffee table. Style your armchairs with decorative throws and matching ottomans.

2. Dressing up your office with Armchairs Think you have to have a stuffy, uncomfortable chair to pair with your office desk? Think again. Your office is where you spend a good proportion of your time, so make it a place you want to be with a comfortable and welcoming armchair. Our atmosphere has a great effect on our productivity, so choose an armchair that puts you in a good mood as soon as you see it! Choose vibrant colours and incomparable comfort.


3. Armchairs for Lounging in the bedroom An armchair in the bedroom is as convenient and fabulous as having a place to sit in your entryway. Use an occasional armchair in the corner of your bedroom or as a chair with your vanity. Choose modern fabrics or elegant patterns that match your bedroom decor. Not only is this a great place to sit, it’s also a great place to toss your clothes.

4. Armchairs in awkward nooks Do you have an awkward nook, or oversized open closet in your home? Take advantage of an otherwise unused space by making it a conversation nook! Pair together two small armchairs such as some funky Mid-century Danish chairs with matching patterns or some mod animal print armchairs paired with a small side table. This is a great way to make a conversation space, and may become your new favourite place to sit.

5. Entryway armchairs and console tables Your entryway is the first thing you see when you enter the home, and is therefore the first representation of you style, so make it a good one! If space allows, set up a beautiful armchair as a statement piece next to a console table. Entryway tables are fun and easy to style, using clever vignettes of antique books, oversized frames and mirrors, and sleek houseware accessories. Choose a statement armchair with a fun pattern or shape.

6. Play up your accessories Your armchair can be as chic stylish as you want, but it's nothing without some lovely accessories like a standout throw. Fold your throw and lay it down the centre of your armchair. Once you've arranged it evenly down the back and seat of your chair, throw a gorgeous cushion in the middle of the chair to break up the streamlined look. You can also use pillows on their own to add drama to your armchair. Do this by choosing standout patterns and interesting colours.

7. Choose a bold pattern or colour Choose a bold colour or pattern for your armchair and make it a statement piece that really pops. For Scandinavian styles, choose armchairs with subtle animal prints or fun geometrical shapes.


8. Swap out your head chairs at the supper table Make a statement at your dinner table by changing up your head table chairs. Swap out your two head table chairs for comfortable armchairs. Choose a style that matches your pre-existing dining chairs, leather or faux-leather is a good option here as it can be easily cleaned if food is spilled on them. Don't be surprised if there's always a rush to get to the best seats at the table!

9. Mix and match your styles for gorgeous contrast If you think you can't incorporate antiques with a modern style, you'd be well mistaken. Play with mixing your home decor style by throwing in a gorgeous and unique antique chair in a modern setting, or pair a modern occasional armchair into a vintage setting. You'll love the contrast of these two styles coming together.

Above all else remember to have fun when selecting and styling armchairs for your home.