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9 Ways to Inject Modern Furniture into your home 

February 20, 2015
9 Ways to Inject Modern Furniture into your home

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Love the look of modern furniture, but aren’t sure how to adopt it into your current style? The great thing about modern pieces is that, when done with small furniture, they can fit into nearly every style of home décor in 9 simple ways.

1. Use modern furniture as a colour pop

Be brave and let your modern furniture stand out by using it as a splash of colour within the room. Rooms that stick to a monochromatic pallet benefit greatly by using the "colour pop" method. Not only will this break up the monotony of the room, but it will draw special attention to your new modern furniture. Choose fun bright colours for kid’s rooms, or select smaller colourful pieces to act as features around your living area. Choosing smaller pieces is a simpler way to incorporate bold colours into your room without overdoing it.


2. Mix and match modern furniture with antiques

The look of modern vintage is trendy and stylish - an interior designer and Pinterest lover’s dream. This style works great when trying to incorporate modern pieces into an already assembled room. If you have a pre-existing vintage or antique style, choose specific pieces to replace with a modern update. This will make your room seem eclectic and well put-together. Choose pieces like a tufted vintage modern wingback or wicker chest of drawers. These pieces are great because they look like they already belong with an older style, but bring an updated flare to your living space.

3. Use your modern furniture as an accent piece

One easy way to incorporate modern furniture into your style is with an accent piece. Much like using the "colour pop" method, using a flashy piece of modern furniture will draw the eye and make a statement. Make sure your accent piece is unique, or different in some way. This will make it seem all the more special amidst your other matching pieces. Choose unique styles such as a modern mirrored chest of drawers, or a mixed pattern side table.


4. Modern Furniture as a slow renovation

Don't feel like you have to rush into everything all at once if you're renovating your house to a more modern interior. Not only is this a huge and stressful job to take on, but it can also get pretty expensive if you pile it on all at once. Don't rush yourself. Incorporate small finds little by little and soon you'll find a modern masterpiece taking over your home.

5. With Console tables

Using a console table is a great way to go modern in your home. This style is trendy, timeless, and so much fun to play with. Style your modern console table with a vignette that matches your existing style. This will make both styles flow together easier.


6. Say it with Modern Lighting

You can easily incorporate modern lighting to update any room in the house. Use trending pendant lighting to set the mood for your new style.


7. Oversized Headboards

Want to bring your bedroom up to speed with modern styles and decor? Start with your headboard! Choosing the right headboard can change the entire look of your room. Choose a modern black style to amp-up your dated decor), or go for a more classic modern appeal with a tall and tufted headboard.


8. Modern Ottoman

Ottoman's are great to pair with most other home decor styles, whether it be vintage, mid century modern, Scandinavian, or country. Choose a modern chic design like the, or something a little funkier to spice up your room.


9. Fearlessly

Revamping your style can be a little intimidating, but don't let it get the best of you. Approach your new design endeavour with fearless passion, and know how to take it slow. Select the best accent pieces to restyle modern and you'll be on your way to a fresh new look.

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