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Not Quite Ready for the Full Refurb? 8 Clever and Quick Kitchen Hacks

January 15, 2018
Not Quite Ready for the Full Refurb? 8 Clever and Quick Kitchen Hacks

New year, new kitchen? Or how about just a little kitchen refresh?

Have you decided that you simply can’t live with your kitchen the way it is anymore but just don’t have the budget for a complete refurbishment? It’s often a debate as to whether to take the plunge with undertaking any major renovations in the home. Really it all comes down to functionality and how efficiently the space performs for your needs.

If you find your kitchen just doesn’t work well for you and your family’s requirements, the experts will advise you to wait and to keep saving up until you can afford to re-do it properly. The reason for this is that a kitchen facelift won’t solve any design issues experienced within the layout of an existing kitchen.

However, if your kitchen still functions well but looks like it needs some TLC, then you have come to the right place. We have some sound advice on how to give the heart of your home a fresh look for 2018.

We reached out to kitchen design experts Mint Kitchen Group and Smarter Bathrooms and Kitchens to find out what are some of the easiest ways to update the look and feel of a kitchen without having to undertake a major renovation.

Below are eight easy ways to upgrade without of inconvenience of dust and demolition.

Image Credit: A Beautiful Mess

Tidy Up

Sounds simple but half the battle can be won just by clearing surfaces of clutter and finding a home for everything! When surfaces are clear they create the illusions of having more space.

Don’t leave things like herbs, oils, jars, tea bags, or cookware on the counter tops or at least try to limit the amount left out. These items create visual obstructions and will leave the kitchen looking untidy. Try to find a home for these items inside the cupboards.

If you can store the microwave, toaster and kettle on a shelf this will also help to free up bench space and give you more room to prepare food.

Image Credit: Fresh

Invest in Bar Stools or Re-paint them

If you have an Island Bench with some less than desirable looking stools, replace them. New modern looking stools can create a focal point which can detract from other elements of the kitchen you may not love. When selecting new stools, be sure to select the correct height for your bench top.

As standard bench tops are either 900-920mm but can even go as high as 1050mm high. Therefore check with the supplier if they have the correct size stool for this height. Generally stools will be 650mm for a 900-920mm high island or 750mm high for a 1050mm high.

If you have wooden bar stools and looking for a fun D.I.Y project, then why not try to up-cycle them? You could either paint them a fun colour or, if they are stained, try sanding them back to the original timber and then oil or varnish them, or stain them a different timber colour.

Image Credit: Decoist

Paint the Kitchen or Create a Feature Wall

Take note of the colour of your walls. Are they a dull-off white or leaning toward beige, or worse a bolder colour such as yellow? A fresh coat of a brighter shade of white paint will help to make the kitchen look crisp and clean. White also reflects light and will help to make your kitchen feel more open and spacious.

Another trick to making your kitchen stand out is to incorporate a feature wall behind your kitchen cabinetry. For example a grey or charcoal wall behind a bank of white cabinetry can really make them ‘pop’ and look more sophisticated.

Image Credit: In Man News

Paint Cupboard Fronts or Island Bench

If you have a timber kitchen in a dark wood or something that you feel is dated the good news is it can always be painted! Doing this yourself is a great way to save money and will give the kitchen a whole new lease of life!

If you have an island bench that can be painted too and can look fabulous in a contrasting colour to your kitchen cabinetry.

Update Cabinetry Hardware

The easiest update of them all! New cabinet handles can make all the difference to dated looking cupboards. There are so many designs to choose from you will have no problem finding a style to suit your kitchen and help to conquer your kitchen refresh!

Replace Your Splashback

Dated tiles or colour backed glass will be a strong focal point in a kitchen. Splashbacks can be retiled easily and new tiles can be placed on top of what is existing. Tiles area great option as they are available in a multitude of textures, finishes, colours and patterns. They are also available at varying price points to meet all budgets.

Tiles aren’t the only answer to your new splashback needs, other materials such as acrylic, pressed tin panels or Reflection panels which are made of an aluminium skin and a high density mineral fibre core and a high gloss paint coating are another reasonable cost effective solution.

Alternatively, if you are on a really tight budget your tiles can be repainted (as shown in the image below). However, proceed with caution and do your research on how to prep, prime and paint them properly otherwise the result may be less than desirable. A grout pen can be purchased to freshen up the grout.

Image Credit: A Beautiful Mess

Replace Tapware

Your kitchen tap counts! Having a beautiful feature tap can add a much needed sculptural element and level of detail to bring up the calibre of your kitchen. Not to mention, can improve the level of functionality in your kitchen.

Update Lighting

The wrong type of lighting can make or break a kitchen; it can be too dark or too bright or the wrong colour temperature (i.e cool instead of warm). These things can make a big difference to the ambience of your kitchen.

Additionally so can feature lighting. If you have outdated pendant fittings over your bench top or island now is the time to part ways and find a design or style that works well with your existing kitchen design.

Adding in some built in kitchen cabinetry lighting is a good investment for both task lighting and feature lighting and can be nice to leave on at night to create a nice glow from the kitchen. In the same way new bar new bar stools can, new lighting will create a beautiful focal point that can detract from any less favoured elements of the kitchen.

Image Credit: A Beautiful Mess

We hope you found this article helpful. If you are ready to start building your wish list of products, then be sure to check out our Kitchen product ranges.

Thank you to Mint Kitchen Group for sharing their time and knowledge.

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