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Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

October 04, 2017
Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

Let’s face it, cleaning is not the most exciting activity to do around the home and what's more, it's time consuming. Is that why most of us put it off for so long?

With the arrival of spring, the urge to declutter our homes in time for summer does however get stronger. Rather than putting it off any longer, we’ve compiled some simple tips to help you successfully (and stylishly) organise your home.

Follow these 9 steps and your spring tidying will be soon be complete! Before you know it you will be outdoors enjoying the good weather (without worrying about the state of your home).

1. Invest in a cleaning bucket

2. If its broken, replace it

3. Keep your bedroom clean

4. Declutter your kitchen

5. Organise your home office

6. Clean out your living room

7. Take control of your bathroom

8. Be prepared

9. Set goals and reap the rewards

1. Invest in a cleaning bucket

  • It's all about being organised so the first step is to invest in a cleaning bucket or basket. Sounds simple but, worth noting! Pull together all your cleaning needs like gloves, scrubbing brushes, old towels, cleaning products and sponges, and you’ll be able to tote your fashionable bucket from room to room, cleaning as you go. What's more, when you’re done everything inside the bucket results in an easy, compact storage solution.

2. If its broken, replace it

  • Replace or fix anything you have been putting off all year. Replace batteries in clocks, remote controls and smoke alarms as well as replacing any LED or halogen light bulbs that have blown.

3. Keep your bedroom clean

  • Organise your wardrobe – this is the best place to start and will help you get your declutter "energy" going in order to handle the rest of your home! Our rule is, if you didn’t wear it last spring/summer season, it’s time to go. Exemptions to this rule include anything sentimental or inherited, so your grandmother's Glomesh purse or mothers hand-me-down silk scarves can be saved from the Opshop bin. Then organise your closet for the season. We suggest grouping or like items together and if you want to take it that one step further, in colour coordination.

  • Organise your linen sets by folding up your flat and fitted sheets together and then place them inside their matching pillow case, along with the other pillow case. This little tip will compact the size your bedsheets take up and keep sets safely together. Update your bedlinen to instantly update your bedroom.

  • Treat yourself to a freshly cut bunch of flowers of fresh scented candle to reinvigorate your bedroom. Remember though, never leave a naked flame unattended.

rsz wardrobe storage simple declutter

4. Declutter your kitchen

  • Clean out your fridge and cupboards! Throw out anything opened and past its use-by date. Wipe all the shelves and walls down, and (if your fridge has one) replace the charcoal filter in your fridge. This will clean out all the bad smells created from decaying foods. To stop, leftovers and fresh produce from going off, place them on a shelf at eye level to use before anything else in your fridge. Fridge too much to handle? Shop brand new fridges.

  • If your kitchen drawers don’t already have them, invest in dividers to separate utensils so that you can easily find that can opener or whisk when you next need to. These also work as a method for organising your make-up brushes and products in the bathroom.

  • To make shopping easier for you next trip to the market, and so you don’t end up with three jars of Vegemite, create a list of everything in your pantry and pin it to the back of the door. When you run out of something, mark it on the list, next time you go shopping you will easily see what you are out of.

  • Get rid of bulky packaging that takes up space by investing in jars and sealed containers to store your pantry ingredients. Include the plastic dehumidifying sachets in the jars to keep your products lasting longer.

  • Place you children’s vivid cutlery and plates in baskets in your kitchen cupboards. This will keep them organised and accessible, and also help tie in with the organisation of the rest of your kitchen.

  • Hot-tip items to invest in include storage jars, wine racks - anything that makes locating and using daily items easier for you.

rsz kicthen storage jars kitchen design

5. Organise your home office

  • Electric cables and plugs can be an eyesore when grouped together. Hide them inside desk draws by drilling a hole through the backs of the drawers. Give each cord its own hole to keep the cables untangled.

  • Label electrical cords at the power point so you can tell which appliance is which, when it comes time to unplug.

  • Items to invest in include magazine racks, desks and wall mounted shelving.

rsz home office design tips diy

6. Clean out your living room

  • If you love your stack of magazines as much as we do, store them in attractive magazine holders or folders. Choose bright spring themed colours like aquamarine, strawberry, custard or lavender, place three or four of your most recent magazines on your coffee table for display.

  • To save on space transfer all your DVDs into attractive CD folders and organise by genre for easy accessibility.

  • It's time to say goodbye to any outdated outdated technology! With accessible streaming platforms like, Netflix, Apple TV or Optus fetch there is less need to keep bulky, often unattractive, appliances in the home.

  • Items to invest in for your living room spring clean include buffets and hutches, shelving and hall tables.

rsz 1living room storage magazine racks

7. Take control of your bathroom

  • Organise your towels by rolling them up like a yoga mat and placing them in matching baskets, stored on a shelf. Also try using wall hooks to keep the wet towel off the floor and away from the clean ones. To keep your children on track, colour code their hooks or shelves to add that fun element to cleaning.

  • Remove unsightly bathroom packaging by investing in uniform clear bottles which are labelled. Everything will look more orderly and clean, and as added bonus you’ll be able to see when your products are running low!

  • Drawer dividers and sliding trays are just as effective at decluttering your bathroom cupboards and drawers as they are your kitchen.

  • Store excess toilet paper in a basket beside the toilet to make it easy to access.

  • Use floating shelves to stow excess laundry and bathroom accessories. Install above eye level to add extra space to your bathroom.

rsz bathroom storage ideas floating shelves

8. Be prepared

The best way to get into spring cleaning is to be properly prepared and to make it fun! When you have all the products like garbage bags and cleaning product ready, put your favourite album on and crank the sound up.

For some jobs it may be more efficient to hire a professional, check out this article to get some reason on why you should hire a professional to clean your windows.

9. Set goals & reap the rewards

Another good tip is to set goals and reward yourself once they are achieved. For example, five clean rooms today means tomorrow I can reward myself with a stylish new throw for the living room. Surely a little retail therapy we get the most reluctant of cleaners motivated!

If you're moving out of your rental and need a little more than just Spring Cleaning Tips check out Neat's ultimate end of lease cleaning checklist to ensure you get your bond back!

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