5 Different Types of Lighting to Brighten Your Home

July 14, 2014
5 Different Types of Lighting to Brighten Your Home

If you thought lamps were just for sitting alongside grandpa’s favourite armchair, or for sprucing up bedside tables, then it's time to welcome you to the wonderfully varied world of lamps – we're here to help you discover the different styles of lamps so that you can brighten your home.

Table Lamps

Table lamps not only enhance the ambience of a space, but can also be used to add light sources to areas that may not receive light from the main lighting source. A good thing to bear in mind with table lamps is how large their shade and base are in context to their surrounds. A small table bearing the load of a large lamp base may look a little off balance! Likewise, a large table with a tiny lamp might look a bit odd. It's always best to talk to the sales assistant about their returns policy, just in case the table lamp you're purchasing is the wrong size.

Also, feel free to get a little creative with your choice of table lamp – a pop of colour can become a real feature in your room.

kartell table lamp

Kartell Cindy Table Lamp: available in a large range of colours

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are such a versatile way to light a room – they can be moved around from one corner to the next and can easily add warmth to a space. Floor lamps are available in a variety of heights, and can be made from a number of different materials. Just bear in mind how or where you want the light to shine – some floor lamps are less flexible than others in terms of light direction, and their intensity.

surround interiors floor lamp 1

Surround Interiors Tech Floor Lamp

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights (otherwise known as hanging lamps) can be a striking addition to the room, creating masses of light and acting as a focal point for the room. Hanging lamps will often feature dynamic contouring and cast eye-catching shadows for maximum impact.

ecoco pendant hanging light

Ecoco Copper Workshop Pendant Lamp


Chandeliers can add class, colour and above all, masses of light to a room. Chandeliers are for those of us who feel that a pendant light just won't have enough impact! Just be careful when choosing a chandelier in a colour – this should be treated as a feature so make sure you're committed to the colour and it won't clash with other colours.

life interiors black chandelier

Life Interiors Chandelier: available in black, red or white