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50 Shades Of...Pink

January 27, 2016
50 Shades Of...Pink

With the announcement of one of the 2016 Pantone colours being Rose Quartz this year, we can’t help but fall in love with all shades of blush through to vibrant pinks in our interiors.

The colour pink evokes such a romantic, feminine and gentle beauty that incorporating the hue into your home, no matter what current look you have, is simple.

We take a look at the five key tips to bringing 50 shades of pink to your home.

1. Start with Soft Furnishings

The most easiest and inexpensive way to re-vitalise your interiors is with soft furnishings - it can keep your home looking contemporary without huge designing costs. Think pillows, throws and changing some of your ornaments around your home to incorporate the hue. If you have a neutral coloured couch, soft blushes will work well, or opt for rich reds for dark leathers or navy colours to make a bold statement.

Patterned cushions are ideal if you already have some plain cushions and want to incorporate another colour. They also allow you to blend the pink colours in a subtle way. Don’t be afraid to mix variations of pinks and reds however, by breaking it up with lilac, or grey, you add a sophisticated edge to this colour palette and avoid the risk of too much pink looking too childlike.

soft pink sitting room and bedroom

2. Be Bold

Nothing shouts bold interiors more than a brightly painted, or wallpapered, room. Or, consider a stand out feature furniture item in a rich red or hot pink if this colour is your style, as you know you will love it for more than a season or two. Pinks and reds look fabulous in an otherwise monochrome setting just as they do paired together with timbers, florals and greenery. Rose Quartz is a very soft, almost baby pink which may be too subtle if you are considering it for a traditional feature wall. However, a rising trend for painted wall is is a two tone effect. Try painting one third of a wall in your chosen hue and the rest in a complimenting neutral, like a grey or white. An ombre in pink hues could also make for a striking feature to any room. Also, don't forget about tiles. mosaics with shades of pinks can be breathtaking!

Pink bathroom tiles and ombre cupboards

3. The Colour of Love

There is no doubt red is considered the colour of love. As such, why not incorporate the tone in the bedroom but, not in that cliche love heart shaped cushion kind of way! Soft linen and artwork are brilliant ways to brighten and change a bedroom. By layering multiple colours with sheets, pillows and throw cushions, you can pair back the colour as much or as little as you want by mixing up textures and colours. Pairing soft blushes with strong navy can avoid an overly feminine look whilst still enjoying the addition of pink. Adding art work either in one dramatic piece or several smaller pieces clustered together can give a bedroom a much needed lift. Tying in colours in the artwork with your bedlinen creates a cohesive and streamlined look and feel. After all, your bedroom is where you spend quite a lot of time (besides sleep) and it should feel like your own personal sanctuary.

Pops of pink at home

4. Under Your feet!

Don’t forget your flooring options. A rug is a sure way to bring a new lease of life to any interior area even for carpeted rooms. Adding a touch of blush, or a rich red rug can completely transform the look and feel of your lounge, dining or occasional areas.

If you have a more traditional interior style, opt for pink, burgundies, reds and creams in uniform and symmetrical patterns. For the modern and contemporary home, rugs offer you the option of displaying some fun on the floor as you would artwork on the wall so abstract patterns, bold geometrics and layering several textures and shapes of rugs are all winning options.

soft pink loungeroom details

5. One Piece

Considering adding a new colour to your home can be a daunting concept. Perhaps you're not sure it will go with your current look or maybe you’ve never been a fan of pinks and reds. Some times this calls for just a subtle addition to your home. As such, choose one piece...a vase, artwork, a bath towel, a chair....something that is in the pink to red hue...and go for it! You may be surprised with the result. A bright pink chair in your hallway may brighten the space. A ruby red hand towel for guests is an unexpected surprise. A pastel inspired artwork in your kitchen offers an eye catching point of difference. So, if you thought you couldn’t, you were wrong...of course you can!

Bookshelf with touches of red

Be it hot pink, subtle blush, ruby red or scarlet, whatever shade of red to pink you choose for your makeover - the one thing is to make sure you have fun with it!

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