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5 Tips to Revive Your Kitchen

November 23, 2016
5 Tips to Revive Your Kitchen

The kitchen the hardest working room in a home, certainly the bathroom and laundry tend to do their fair share as well, but it’s really the kitchen that gets a solid workout, often from dawn til beyond dusk.

It’s the go-to room for meals, homework, time-out over a cuppa, family catch ups and social gatherings.

A kitchen’s work is never done, which is why this is often the first room in a home to show signs of needing either a little refresh or some renovating TLC. Renovating a kitchen can be as small or as large a project as you want it to be; it can be a subtle refresh or a rip-it-all-out-and-redo-it reno.

If the thought of a full-blown renovation sounds a little scary, never fear! Our guide below includes 5 excellent tips on how to refresh and revive a kitchen without breaking the bank.

If you are looking for ways to renovate your kitchen on a budget that easy to implement then read on.

5 Top Tips for a Budget Kitchen Makeover 3

1. Putting the Fab In Pre-Fab

Pre fabrication or pre-built kitchens are a budget friendlier way of giving the kitchen a renovating haul-over without necessarily hauling your bank balance over the coals at the same time.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking pre-built means zero options. These days, pre-built kitchens can come in a dazzling array of colour schemes and a number of layouts and using varying materials. Pre-fab can, (in a round-about way), actually be tailored fab!

5 Top Tips for a Budget Kitchen Makeover 5

2. On The Surface

Kitchen bench top surfaces are often some of the first features to which our eyes can be drawn. They are also an area in the kitchen that can take a beating, both in terms of daily kitchen grind as well as subsequent cleaning. All this activity over time can take a toll on an otherwise good-looking and functional surface.

Stone and quartz are the VIP versions of a kitchen bench reno, but their cost can eat away at a budget. You can however, find finance-friendly alternatives! Polished concrete is a fantastic alternative without the high price tag.

An equally effective idea is laminate reproductions – you might not be able to justify buying a marble bench, but what about a marble look-alike, instead? Don't forget timber either - all the varieties with their unique grains makes it a wonderful addition to any kitchen renovation and can even be clad over the top of an existing bench top.

Island Benches

If you have always wanted an Island Bench but don't have the budget for a custom made one, a ready made bench table is a great alternative. It will provide extra space of preparing and chopping food, and provides the perfect place to serve food from when entertaining.

5 Top Tips for a Budget Kitchen Makeover 2

3. Kitchen Cosmetics

Sometimes all your kitchen needs is a little bit of a make-over. For kitchen cabinetry that is looking drab but can still function, one sure fire way to give your kitchen a whole new lease of life is to spruce-up it up with a fresh lick of paint, or some new handles or hardware.

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5 Top Tips for a Budget Kitchen Makeover  2

4. Let Shelving Shine

Why should your kitchen cupboards have all of the attention? Exposed kitchen shelving is very much in vogue and is a great way to add interest to your kitchen. Why not give some of your favourite cooking accessories time in the limelight? Styling your shelves with cups, jars, vases, bowls, books and utensils can bring colour, shape, pattern and texture to your kitchen.

We mentioned painting earlier – if you’ve have some left-over then consider painting the back panel of the shelf to really make it pop.

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5 Top Tips for a Budget Kitchen Makeover

5. Appliance and Whitegoods Wonder

Whitegoods and appliances are the cornerstone to any efficient, busy kitchen. However, unfortunately these hard working items won't last for life and if they have, chances are they're looking a little worse for wear and outdated.

The good news is that replacing them, will give your kitchen a bit of a refresh without having to go the whole kit and caboodle of a renovation. Clean, modern, stylish new kitchen white goods can really help modernise and revive a space. You don’t have to blow your family budget on a total kitchen renovation – sometimes the small and subtle steps can lead to a new lease on life for this hard-working space.

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