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5 Tips To Bring Back That Beach Holiday Feeling 

January 20, 2015
5 Tips To Bring Back That Beach Holiday Feeling

I’m not sure about you, but it always takes me a little time to adjust to a working week after a gorgeous summer break. The hammock is replaced by an office chair. The latest thriller novel now an excel spreadsheet. The cocktails become green smoothies. And an afternoon siesta, not that appropriate at a team meeting. Insert sigh.

Who says we can’t have that summer beach feeling all year round? If you’re with us on this one, here are our top five tips that will not only bring back that beach holiday feeling but, will have you feeling like you never left your seaside vacation spot. Insert smile.

1. De-Clutter Your Space

If there is one thing a summer holiday at the beach makes you feel, it’s an overwhelming sense of space. So, time for a super early spring clean. Think outside the square about how you can store essential use items, without hampering your day-to-day efficiencies but, making your surroundings feel more spaciousness. Think great kitchen storage cupboards and racks so everything has its place, think of voids like under beds and beneath stairs where storage boxes could easily slide in, custom wardrobes; there really are endless options to help de-clutter your space.

2. Beach Inspired Feature Walls

They say a picture tells a thousand words and nothing transports you quicker to that relaxing beach feeling than when you see a gorgeous photograph. A photographic wallpaper helps create a focal point to your room and really evokes that calm, tranquil ocean feeling. If your room is restricted in size, consider using an image that has a perspective (like a jetty out from the shore or a long, sandy beach curving off into the distance) as this will help create the illusion of depth and makes your room appear larger than it actually is.

3. Statement Interior Lighting

Think driftwood, rattan, timber. Think natural, clean, white. A gorgeous feature pendant light can help create that beach vibe in literally a flick of a switch. Organic, simple lines really go a long way when it comes to selecting your lighting features.

4. Flooring

There are some incredible products on the market when it comes to flooring options for a beach theme interior. Timber floorboards that have natural character and charm, or are painted a lovely fresh white, are a solid option. As is vinyl flooring. Think lime washed timber floorboard patterns, eclectic reclaimed timber board patterns or even a simple herringbone timber pattern. Furthermore, sisal carpet gives you a lovely, natural, organic feel as well.

5. Plantation Shutters

White washed plantation shutters are the perfect finishing touch for your beach interior makeover. They help create a fresh, clean look that softly filters the outdoors light in. If you love the idea of shutters but are after something softer, couple them with sheer curtains to create a romantic, airy atmosphere.

Hopefully by following some of these tips, your interior will be transformed into a calm, tranquil oasis and you'll feel like your on your beach holiday for the other 50 weeks of the year!

Looking For More Inspiration?

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