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5 Tips For Moving House

July 21, 2014
5 Tips For Moving House

How does the saying go? Something along the lines of weddings, funerals and moving homes being three of the most stressful things that can happen in life?

Hopefully these tips will come in handy for a smooth move!

Tip 1: The contact list

Before you start sorting, before you start boxing, before anything – sit down and brainstorm your contact list.

Who do you need to call and alert about your move?

Suppliers need to be contacted to arrange for disconnections and connections.

Any services that deliver to your home (magazine subscriptions? Newspaper?) should be notified and given a forwarding address.

Australia Post should be advised (perhaps you could consider a post office box if you move regularly).

Does your home insurer need to be contacted just to double check you’re fully covered during the moving process?

Start your list early and you will no doubt find that you keep adding to it as new thoughts and needs come to mind.

Moving House Checklist

Take some time prior to the move to write a checklist to help make the process as smooth as possible

Tip 2: “Never work with children and animals”

Yet another saying, but it is a good one to consider.

Can the kids be looked after by grandparents, or another relative or friend?

The moving process can be challenging for all, especially little ones, and sometimes it can be made that much easier on everyone if they’re otherwise occupied.

It can be exciting, but it can also be unsettling, for little people to find themselves in a completely new space, so communicating well ahead of the move day and talking about the process could help cancel out some reservations at their end.

Kids playing in park

The kids, we are sure, would prefer playing in the park than packing their room for a move!

Because we can’t explain to pets what is happening, and because so many domestic animals are so territorial, moving house can be exceptionally stressful for our fur friends.

It’s best to keep them away from the process as well.

If you can, postpone their arrival into the new home until things are a bit more settled, when there is familiar furniture in place and when they can easily locate their creature comforts, like that favourite toy, scratching post or bowl of food.

Tip 3: Cut a spare key quick smart

You’d be surprised how easy it can be to lock oneself out of a new home in the hustle and bustle of a move.

Getting a spare key cut before the process even begins, and immediately placing it somewhere handy, or with someone trustworthy, can save a fair amount of frustration!

spare house key

Be sure to give a spare house key to family member or friend.

Tip 4: File it so you can find it

What paperwork and documents do you really rely upon?

What would be terribly hard, laborious and perhaps even costly to replace if you found yourself without?

Identify these papers before you move, and place them in a well-marked, VIP box that gets special attention (e.g. it moves with you versus anyone else).

Top Secret moving box

It's good to keep all your important documents in the one, clearly marked, box

Tip 5: Never underestimate the joy of a box

As the packing begins, we all suddenly discover that one can never have enough boxes in life.

You can purchase boxes produced specifically with this task in mind, or you can flag a need at your local supermarket and find out what day and time is best for a box bonanza.

The sooner you can gather a posse of boxes, the sooner you can start to sort and pack so as to minimise the impact of moving day.

Also, think about writing on the box what room the items packed belong in.

This will be very handy especially if friends and family are helping you move as they can pop that box straight in the correct room so as to minimise double handling.

Moving House Packing boxes

You can never have enough boxes on moving day!

We hope these tips help make your move smooth and good luck!

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