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5 Tips For Finding The Right Dishwasher

September 26, 2014
5 Tips For Finding The Right Dishwasher

Let’s make one thing clear – the perfect dishwasher in any home is not a human one!

So in terms of dishwashing machines, how do you find the right one for you?

We’ve put together some handy hints that will hopefully clean up any confusion on the topic.

1. Yes, size matters

If you live in a single bedroom unit then the type of dishwasher best suited to your home, and perhaps probably your lifestyle, will be vastly different to if you were living in a four bedroom family house.

So let size be the first thing that dictates your dishwashing choice, and look for an option that will not only fit the kitchen, but will actually be able to make it into the kitchen as well.

Get out the tape measure…!

2. Is your kitchen a work in progress?

If you’re taking your renovation in bite sized pieces, making the leap to a built-in dishwasher might not be the right move for you at this point.

To give yourself future flexibility in your kitchen layout, and other kitchen appliances you plan to buy over the months and years, then consider a free-standing dishwasher that might provide a bit more choice down the track.

3. Straight and Orderly

A dishdrawer dishwasher is not unlike a filing cabinet, as it contains two separate cabinets simply pull out for stacking to begin.

Or, if you only have room for one, can be install as a single drawer.

In contrast to opening the dishwasher door and then pulling out the tray, the dishdrawer dishwasher takes away one step in what is otherwise a fairly tedious process.

Let’s be honest – the less effort put into washing dishes, the better!

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4. A part of the furniture

A fully integrated dishwasher is ideal for those with a high attention to detail.

Essentially, this is a dishwasher that hides behind the kitchen cabinetry, thus keeping in-line with the overall interior aesthetic.

Here’s cheers to hidden help!

5. Rate it

If energy use and water consumption are big factors in your decision making, then choose your dishwasher carefully.

The energy and water rating of a dishwasher could make a big difference in the price you eventually pay, as well.

Indeed the upfront cost of a dishwasher could be levelled out by its running costs over a period of years, and vice versa, so it is important to consider the dollar today as well as the dollar tomorrow…

We hope we’ve cleaned up some questions you might have on finding the right dishwasher for you!

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