5 Tips For A Budget Renovation

October 27, 2014
5 Tips For A Budget Renovation

Renovations don’t always have to be major projects that span months and dollars. On the contrary, renovating can include those small jobs that don’t take a huge amount of effort, nor budget for that matter. In fact sometimes it is those tiny updates that can deliver fast and fresh changes. So if your renovating plans are all about baby steps, these tips should come in handy!

1. Get a handle on things

Changing door and drawer handles can be such an effective way to spruce up a space. There is a terrific variety of handles available for this very purpose. You can go down the path of selecting new, modern handles for a fresh contemporary feel, or you can find vintage offerings to add a bit of instant charm.

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2. Find some space

As odd as it sounds, sometimes a ‘redistribution’ of where and how things are placed can be a renovation in its own right. Could some built-in-robes create a world of change? Might a series of smart renovation boxes clear things up and give you some breathing space? Or could there actually be value in hiring a storage unit and just doing a big reshuffle?

3. Seeing the light

Our eyes naturally seek out lighting sources, so it makes sense that the humble light be considered as a useful tool in your renovating arsenal! Do you have a hanging light? Check out all the pendant light options available to you – there is sure to be something to work with your room and give it the mini makeover you are after.

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4. The benchmark

Do you have fairly old looking bench tops in the kitchen or bathroom? These surfaces often get a lot of attention, but there are ways to make them work without wrecking the budget. Head to your tile shop and ask to see what’s called the ‘end of runs’ for granite tiles. You could score yourself a terrific find, and save yourself dollars!

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5. The olden goldie

It might seem obvious, but the good old lick of paint is a perennial favourite for a relatively cost-effective budget renovation, and for good reason! Keep costs down and do the painting yourself – just remember to cover everything in drop sheets and ideally choose a day when windows can be kept open and dry-time can be maximised. Light, bright, (white!) colours can freshen up a space in an instant. A fresh coat of paint is the sort of DIY renovating trick you make, and then step back and wonder why on earth it took you so long to do it in the first place! The change is nothing short of remarkable, and will make everything else in the room pop and liven up.

So if your renovating plans are smaller scale as opposed to a major all-hands-on-deck project, we hope these budget renovating tips come in handy!

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