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2016 Design Trends Forecast

July 29, 2015
2016 Design Trends Forecast

If someone said you could take a peek into the future – would you? Well, Victoria Redshaw allows us to do just that.

Founder of the leading UK based trend forecasting agency, Scarlet Opus, Victoria’s focus is to inform and inspire the interiors markets with future industry trends.

This week, we attended a seminar presented by Victoria to find out what her team are predicting as big trends in design and colour for 2016.

As Victoria said, trend forecasting “may sound like crystal ball gazing.” However, it’s actually an unbelievably holistic analysis of some of the most interesting, and common every day, topics that play a big part in all our lives. When compiling the trends, Victoria and her team take into consideration areas such as;

  • Environmental Issues
  • Fashion
  • Food, Drink & Dining
  • Gallery & Museum Exhibitions
  • Movies
  • Political and Economic Matters
  • Transport & Travel
  • World Events

Furthermore, another big consideration is “citizen’s journalism”. So, staying abreast of what conversations and image collections are happening on blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Victoria likens this process to “putting together a giant and complex jigsaw puzzle”. With the diversity of topics mentioned above – we are not one bit surprised to hear that!

We learnt there are several key macro trends to the 2016 collection and we are excited to share four of our favourites with you in more detail.


Privacy is set to become the new black but, with a twist. You see, the normally private will be revealed and the usually displayed will be obscured. It’s all about concealing and revealing.

There will be a shift in desiring to be less visible, less exposed and therefore greater anonymity. Workplaces will focus on areas for “social solitude”, fashion will see t-shirts with statement slogans obscured so only the wearer really knows the messaging, vases will hide the floral arrangements rather than showcase the flowers and sofas will be accessed from different sides and designed to be in the centre of the room rather than traditionally framing a space.

Privacy will be the deep need for comfort, to take domestic refuge and reconnect with ourselves. It will be about cocooning, silence, cloaking, shrouding and veiling. It will be the ability to press mute and block any interference in order to “go under the radar” as Victoria explained it.

The colour palette will be pastels with a haze so as to be “easy on the eye, easy on the brain” comments Victoria. Textures will be matte and chalky but most interesting, patterns will be “discovered” in braille like way.

Privacy Collection Trends
  • Image credits above: BIG and Heatherwick Studio, Osklen, Eugeni Quitllet with Kartell, BLUR Vase, BIG-GAME design studio.

rsz comfort chair
  • The hug chair by Asztalos

Muka Chair
  • Muka Design Lab chair

rsz back to front sofa
  • Patricia Urquiola for Moroso


The Nomadic macro trend for 2016 is all about optimism, resourcefulness and creativity. It's about being carefree and flexible.

Resourcefulness is predicated to present itself in the form of ready to wear fashion that serves dual purposes. As Victoria explained it's "waterproof jackets that double as outdoor ground sheets." However, this goes one step further and transforms into ready to wear furniture. It's all about "being on the move and ready to sleep out," explained Victoria. There will be an emphasis on "everyday materials" such as cork, chipboard and reclaimed timber. "A mature society is one that can value something that isn't expensive," commented Victoria and, this reinforces the resourcefulness and creativity of this trend.

Flooring will no longer be just an application with the one material. We will see materials that are "scattered and intermingled" so as not to create a distinct edge. "It's all about making friends with the next material," explained Victoria and will be great for defining zones. Think timber floors meeting marble tiles.

Colors will be grounded with black but vibrant and intense.

Nomadic 2016 Trend
  • Image credits above: Paola-Navone, Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba, Rianne Koens, Edwards Moore Kitchen.

rsz wearable backpack
  • Jolien Hanemaaij cabinet backpack

rsz 1backpack stand

Lying backpack
  • Studio Makkink & Bey backpack bed

Suitcase sofa
  • Debuted at the Milan 2015 Furniture Fair, the Self-Made Seat from Campeggi is the perfect example of the Nomadic trend.

Belo Brazil

With the Olympic Games in Rio in 2016, a macro trend will see colour, pattern and texture "coming together" in a carnival like mood. The forecast is "everything Brazilian is about to get very cool," commented Victoria. The trend will be a "cultural metamorphosis of solving social issues via art and design," remarked Victoria.

Similar to the Nomadic forecast with resourcefulness, the Belo Brazil will be focused on repurposing. Visualise furniture made out of skateboards, lamps made from plastic bottles, feature walls of reclaimed timber boards and very colourful and patterned tiles as flooring. The "beauty of this forecast is in the imperfection," noted Victoria. The recent popular trend of bringing the "outdoors in" will see a reversal. It will be about taking the inside out. So, fully furnished "outdoor garden rooms" are set to be the new must have living space for the home.

Belo Brazil 2016 Trends
  • Ron Arad ottomans, Rio 2016 Olympic Park, Reclaimed timber wall, beutiful Rio de Janeiro city.

rsz copacabana beach rio1
  • Famous colourful Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro

rsz pet lamp bottles
  • An industrial designer based out of Spain, Alvaro Catalán De Ocón, is at the forefront of the PET Lamp project

Lucas Rise Furniture
  • Lucas Rise beautifully painted furniture

  • Original Skateboard Stools by Deckstool

Nature Luxe

The 2016 forecasted trend Nature Luxe sets out to discover harmony in the disconnect between rawness and refinement, craft and couture, earthiness and glamour, comfort and beauty. It's all about luxury tempered by nature and; nature intensified by luxury.

"Travertine is set to become the new Carrara marble" forecasts Victoria along with beautiful natural fibers and blush tones. Bursts of metallic hues will shine through and the intricate craftwork of tapestry and weaving will be very popular.

Nature Luxe 2016 Trend
  • Helen Amy Murray (textile designer) chair, Alex Turco Bathroom, metallic sequins and cowhide

Aiveen Daly Sofa
  • Aiveen Daly stunning detailed leather seat

Design Studio Dragon Art
  • Design Studio Dragon Art metallic bathroom feature wall

rsz textured feature earthy wall
  • Barbara Varini treescape wallpaper

After attending Victoria's seminar and listening to the forecasted trends - we are very excited to learn what may be on the horizon and can't wait to see the different macro trends filter through to styling our home!

The House of Home team would like to thank Victoria Redshaw of Scarlet Opus for her informative seminar on the forecasted Design Trends for 2016 at the recent Decor + Design expo

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