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Stunning 1920s Canterbury House Renovation

August 26, 2016
Stunning 1920s Canterbury House Renovation

Well I wouldn’t call it love at first sight…or even 100th sight for that matter, but a closer look behind the rubble and ruins of our latest project revealed something for the eye to behold. And even love. Yes, 12 months on it is definitely LOVE!

My husband (Jonnie) and I quite literally walked past what is now our current home a thousand times without ever noticing it. My kids used to pull the leaves off one of the overgrown trees poking through the fence (and I certainly knew where to go when in need of a sprig of rosemary!), but that was the extent of it.

Then one day a ‘for sale’ sign went up and we happened to be wandering past during an open day. As lovers of property we thought we might just pop in for a quick sticky. So we went inside; and it was bad, really bad!

We were greeted by a derelict dwelling with smelling carpets, 40 years of dust and DIY electrics. Fireplaces had been boarded up and extra rooms created outside on the veranda. The backyard consisted of overgrown brambles, citrus trees, an assortment of ramshackle sheds (yes of course with asbestos!) and even a bee hive.

old   back of house2

We LOVED it. We saw through the grime and squalor and the vision became clear. SOLD!

The property had incredible bones, we just had to peel back the layers. A Canterbury residence, built in 1920 and graced with beautiful ceiling detail, an original bay window with city views and a huge yard. The potential was limitless.

We got straight to work. We were very keen to restore the original part of the home to its former glory whilst creating a smooth and continuous flow to a modern and open-plan, light filled extension. The tracing paper came out and with the help of a clever building designer we managed a seamless transition from old to new by maintaining the original ceiling height throughout. On a sloping block this has meant 4.4m ceilings and a wall full of north facing glass in the rear extension. Our property’s most striking feature.

It’s a tale of two halves, but it works; a beautiful restoration of the existing dwelling in a modern classic style with respect to both fixtures & fittings as well as furnishings and décor. The rear of the property is very contemporary but not at all at odds with the original part of the house.

The glue that ties it all together is of course the continuous ceiling height, but also the themed use of beautiful natural materials from front to back. This includes solid timber, marble, terrazzo, black tapware and steel finishes. The home is also adorned with beautiful fabrics throughout that provide a softness to the modern edge.

The build wasn’t without its fair share of heartache and hiccups but the results are in and they are amazing. Even if I do say so myself!

facade post reno

entry hall1


Easy & Stylish Living Spaces

family bathroom2

We're loving Matte Black Tapware & Subway Tiles


About Anna Wood

Anna Wood is an interior decorator based in Melbourne. After recently completing her Interior Decoration & Design qualification at RMIT, the ‘Wood Design Co’ was born. Anna loves to renovate and after several successful projects decided to take her passion to the market place and provide consultative services.

Anna, formerly an accountant, turned her hand to interior decoration after many years working in a corporate environment. She has always had a personal passion for interiors but could also see the huge value of good design and decoration with respect to the ‘feel good factor’ that it imparts both in the workplace and when returning to the home.

As a mum to three youngsters and a pooch Anna spends a lot more time at home now; the Wood Design Co head-quarters. So naturally specialising in residential interiors, Anna’s philosophy is that the home is absolutely where the heart is. It is essential that a person steps through their own front door and loves what they see and how they feel when in their home.

With her own unique modern classic style, Anna has a fairly simple and pared back design aesthetic. She believes that quality, beautiful materials and finishes do their own talking and that less is definitely more! She loves balance and symmetry (she thinks that’s the accountant in her!) and is a huge lover of styling with beautiful art, colour and personal artefacts to make a design unique and soulful.

Anna loves Melbourne and Melbourne architecture. She has a huge soft spot for a derelict period home and the prospect of restoration. With a few such projects now under her belt she takes intrinsic pleasure from restoring old gems to their former glory, creating beautiful homes with soul (if only the walls could talk!) and maintaining the heritage streetscape.

Interior design and decoration gives Anna’s creative left brain a workout and allows her to be a mum. Life is hectic but fulfilling. She hopes you enjoy and maybe even get some inspiration from her work.