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House Plants Australia – Guide to the Best Indoor Plants
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The Best House Plants, and How to Care For Them

The Best House Plants, and How to Care For Them

We are loving all of the indoor plants appearing in our instagram feeds, in interiors photos and store windows everywhere. House plants are the perfect way to bring life into a space; The green leaves add colour and a lightness.

If you haven’t had house plants before and are unsure of which plant to choose or which indoor plant will suit your space, then this guide that we’ve pulled together is for you!

What plant is best for indoors?

There are a variety of plants we love for indoors. Whether you’re after a small succulent for your desk, a monsterous monstera or a delicate string of hanging pearls, there’s a plant out there for you. Maybe you’d actually like to propagate a plant? A fantastic option for those low on budget or space is plant cuttings. They look incredible in vases or jars, and it’s also the perfect oppourtunity to invest in some interesting vases until those babies are ready to pot. We love sticking them in recycled kombucha bottles on our desks in the HoH office, or popping them in french wine bottles on the kitchen sill.

Pick of the Pots

Second only to the excitement of getting a new plant is most definitely finding the perfect plant-home to go with it. We’ve been having fun checking out what’s new instore and here’s our round up of our current favourites.

Natural Baskets & Bark Pots

There are so many great baskets out there – choose the one that you love and that suits your plant size. If you are after something more rigid than a basket, but still natural and organic then have a look at bark or clay pots.

combined close up plants2

Pot Stands

It can be hard finding shelve or floor space for our plants – unless your plant is a big grown-up plant, placing them on the floor can make the babies vulnerable to being kicked over, eaten by pets or a lack of sunshine. Plant stands are a fantastic option to show off your plant babies, and keep them out of harm’s way. They also allow you to play with the vertical placement of the plants, and offer an alternative to hanging basket for your cascading friends.

Wondering how to choose the right pot?

Here’s what we know about choosing a pot for your favourite plant. Most of the indoor planters we saw aren’t suitable for putting a plant directly into, you are better off keeping your plant in the plastic pot and then placing that inside a more decorative pot.

Why? It all comes down to the watering. Very few plants like having wet feet – in fact it can cause them to rot. So when you are watering the majority of indoor plants, the best way to do it is to give them a good soaking and let the water drain out. This won’t happen unless your decorative pot has holes in the bottom.

It’s so much better to keep your plant in its plastic pot, and take it out of the planter when you water it, let it drain and then put it back in the decorative planter.

With that out of the way, then it pretty much comes down to personal preference!

Hot tip – if you buy baskets for your plants, make sure you put an old plate into the bottom to avoid any water stains.

How do I care for my new plant baby?

You’ve picked the plant, you’ve set up some swaggy threads for it, now it’s time to keep it alive. Much like real babies, plants need love and attention (although some more than others).

Here are our pick of five of the best indoor plants plus video guides on caring for each of them:


Plants Week1 11

Thanks so much to the lovely folk at Frankie & Coco in Hampton, Established for Design in Malvern East and Zachloe Lifestyle in South Melbourne for so kindly loaning us some of their beautiful planters for use in this shoot.

We hope you found this article helpful. If you are ready to start building your wishlist of products, then be sure and check out our indoor plants range.

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This article was first written by Carlinea Williamson in 2016 and has been updated in July 2018 by Elizabeth den Dulk.