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Bathroom Vanities for Sale at House of Home

Choosing your bathroom vanity is one of the key decisions you’ll make during your bathroom update. If you are wondering what you need to think about, or just want a checklist to make sure you’ve made the right choice of vanity unit, we’ve pulled together this buyer’s guide covering what you need to think about:

  • Which room is the vanity for? And who’s going to be using it?

  • What style of bathroom vanity?

  • What’s the difference between an off-the-shelf vanity unit, a customized vanity, and a custom built vanity unit?

  • When do I need to choose a vanity top?

Which room is the vanity for?

Powder Room Vanity

This may seem like a really obvious question, but answering it will help you to make sure you get a bathroom vanity design that will work really well in your home.

If the vanity unit is being put into a powder room then most people will only be using it to wash their hands, and maybe re-touch their make-up. So you really don’t need to think about making sure there is adequate counter space around the basins, that there is a power point or storage considerations.

Instead, get out the tape measure and find a beautiful vanity that fits the space and the look of your space, here’s some powder room design inspiration.

Vanities for the Ensuite

When you are planning the ensuite bathroom two things should be top of mind – storage and a space that works for two of you.

If your ensuite floor plan allows space for a vanity 1500mm or longer, then installing a double sink vanity is an option. If you do have the room we would highly recommend it – as it will give you and your partner the bathroom bench top space to get ready at the same time, a bonus in any busy household. If you don’t have at least 150cm of length then you are better off with a single sink, and more counter space. A full width mirror is also helpful.

Look for a vanity design that maximizes flat bench space so that you have room for your makeup, hairbrush, hairdryer etc as you get ready. Also make sure that the sinks are a good size – too small and it will be awkward to use, and you’ll end up splashing water everywhere. Don’t forget that you’ll need at least two powerpoints close to your vanity too.

Then there’s the matter of storage – a wall mounted vanity or floating vanity is aesthetically really pleasing, particularly in a small space. But think about where you are going to keep all your bathroom necessities, particularly bulky items like towels and spare toilet paper. A floor mounted vanity unit will definitely give you more storage space.

Cupboards for the main bathroom

Then we come to the main bathroom, in some homes it might be the kids only bathroom, but either way, the bathroom vanity will need to be a practical and durable vanity design.

If you’ve got the space we would absolutely recommend a double sink vanity. Just remember you need space for a vanity that is longer than 150cm to fit one in. And in a bathroom where siblings will be sharing a bathroom vanity unit 180cm long would be preferred.

What style of bathroom vanity?

Your key choice here is between a floor mounted vanity or one that is wall hung. What should you think about? The floor mounted vanity option will give you more storage space and is simpler to install, but you don’t get that contemporary clean line that a modern floating vanity gives. Wall mounted vanities need to be installed correctly so that there is no risk of them becoming loose on the wall.

What’s the difference between an off-the-shelf vanity unit, a customized vanity, and a custom built vanity unit?

When you are looking to buy a vanity, like everything – there are options! You can buy an off –the-shelf vanity. There won’t be many choices – except maybe for the vanity top, but the advantages are that you know exactly what you’re getting, they are often the cheapest vanity option and they are generally in stock, which if you have a tight timeline is great.

If you want to be able to make some customisations many of the reputable vanity making companies offer customized vanities. Head in store to see examples of different vanities in their range, and then working with your local retailer, you can work through the various options – colours, finishes, sizes, configurations and handles to come up with the ideal vanity for your space. There will be production time but ordering a customized vanity is a way to get a personalized product.

Then your final option is to work with a cabinet maker and get a full custom built vanity unit. Then you can order exactly whatever it is you are dreaming of for your bathroom.

When to use a vanity top?

Vanity Tops are all in one glass, stone or moulded product and include the sink and vanity bench top so that there are no joins. Vanity Tops can work with off the shelf vanity cabinets – choose a standard vanity base unit, and then a matching vanity top. Equally you might add a vanity top to a custom built vanity.

House of Home Is Where to Buy Your Bathroom Vanity

Our selection of bathroom vanities includes:

  • Pre-built models for the budget-minded shopper interested in convenience as well as custom vanities for the buyer interested in a top-of-the-line renovation

  • The option to purchase vanity bases and tops separately

  • Hundreds of models in every conceivable style — finding a look you’ll love is easy at House of Home

  • The high-quality brands and stores you trust to get you what you need for a beautiful bathroom renovation.