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The Top 2019 Bathroom Design Trends (So Far) | Bathroom Ideas
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2019 Bathroom Design Trends

February 20, 2020
2019 Bathroom Design Trends

We’ve scoured the interior and architectural projects released so far in 2019 to bring you a round up of the top bathroom design trends for this year.

If you’re a fan of simplicity, you’ll be happy this year, with minimalist designs and textures taking the reigns. Even so, this does not mean a lack of depth and interesting design. Richness in colour, pattern and quality of materials have us drooling over the latest and greatest bathrooms once again.

1. Unexpected colours

Hot pink and mustard yellow are perhaps the colours one would think least of putting in a bathroom, let alone making them the feature colours. But we love it. We love the fun, 50s hair salon vibes of candy pink bathrooms, and have very strong feelings indeed for mustard-yellow towels and tubs. We also love dusky-blue tiles and olive-green wallpaper. Go wild in your bathroom – embrace this trend by putting as much personality into your bathroom that you do into your bedroom.

2. The New Rustic

If the word rustic makes you shiver and hiss like us, then like us too, you will have to re-condition yourself to love it. Because in 2019 rustic has a very different face. Like a tacky pop star who disappears for 10 years and comes back polished, grown up and very much less bogan, rustic now encompasses old French farmhouse vibes, washed linen and claw foot baths. We dare you not to fall in love with the romantic, down to earth vintage vibes of 2019 rustic bathrooms. While we’d still rather take sandpaper to our eyes than to a white-painted chair (à la rustic via Better Homes and Gardens 2001), we love exposed beams, patinaed brass fittings and timber flooring.

3. Wood + Concrete

The ultimate yin and yang of materials. One cold, cool, sleek and man-made, the other, warm, textural, gathered from nature and unique. We are really enjoying the juxtaposition of these two materials that’s sweeping across Australian bathrooms. We’ve long-enjoyed beautiful custom timber vanities from the likes of Timberline, Ingrain and Bel Bagno, and are pleased to see them gaining momentum. It can be as simple as a polished concrete floor with a recycled wooden stool, or a full on concrete-wood orgy, but either way it’s satisfying.

4. Marble & Terrazzo

If you haven’t stepped inside a trendy bar or boutique recently, you may not be aware of the raging hipster trend that is terrazzo. However, if you live within a 20km radius of an Australian capital you will have seen the absolute orgy of marble, terrazzo and stone that has invaded the world of commercial interiors. Home bathrooms, being the slower on the trend uptake, are beginning to follow suit. Whilst 2017 and 2018 were all about coloured terrazzo, 2019 goes sophisticated, by focusing on more refined greyscale palettes and playing with placement and texture.

5. White subway tiles

Simply put, they’re everywhere. If you’re renovating a whole house, by the time you get to the bathroom you’ve often run out of money and energy. Maybe this explains the ubiquitous trend of bathrooms with white subway tiles, white paint, a white bathtub, a small vase of natives and not much else. Simplicity at its finest.

We hope you found this article helpful. If you are ready to start designing your dream bathroom then be sure to check out our Bathroom Renovation Range.

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Written by Elizabeth den Dulk.