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Bathroom Accessories


Bathroom accessories for the functional designer

When it comes to designing, building or doing a renovation to your bathroom, bathroom accessories are usually the last thing on your mind, or they tend to be an afterthought. This can result in a bathroom not looking as “finished” or as stylish as it possibly could.

With a range of materials and styles, finding the right bathroom accessories for your space can be daunting, considering just how many variations of a single product are available to the consumer.

To assist in making that choice easier, consider these simple points to make sure you do end up with a dazzling new space!

  • Budget – yes, that sterling silver toilet brush holder does look amazing, but it costs five times the price of the chrome one. Simple budget decisions like this can allow you to buy either more accessories to fit out your bathroom or allow you to allocate more of the budget to essential bathroom accessories.
  • Style – it’s preferable to pick accessories that complement the look and style you are aiming for, this creates a consistent look and ads that attention to detail that is seen in high end bathrooms.
  • Functionality – probably one of the most important aspect of picking your accessories, you need to be conscious of items that will function in your bathroom well. Think of who is using the space e.g. young children, elderly people etc as this will help guide your selection.

Shower shelving and storage

Our minimalist bathrooms with frameless showers and large tiles give the illusion of space and luxury. However, the shower is still a place of practical movement, and shower storage needs to be considered when designing a bathroom. When choosing shower storage, try to maintain a cohesive look between the shower shelf and other elements within the shower, such as the tile or the tapware. A sleek, streamlined look will help to maintain the illusion of space while allowing the practicalities of shelving. Add a touch of sophistication with matte black shelves or go natural with a teak shelf.

Bath caddies for true relaxation

Does anything say ‘kick back and relax’ like a bath caddy? A bath caddy is the bathroom accessory required to make a luxury bath feel inviting, and increases the functional use of the bathroom as a space for leisure instead of just hygiene. Don’t go past a natural look bath caddy to balance the book and the wine when you sink into a hot bath at the end of a day.

Soap holders and towel racks

Soap holders and towel racks rank among the most critical bathroom accessories. Why? Aesthetically they can range from subtle to deluxe, but regardless of the form, the soap holder maintains a hygienic look with the convenience of form. Bathroom accessories should be easy to use and clean, and should be the finishing touch on a well thought out design. Soap holders and towel racks imply that the job is finished and the bathroom is usable.

House of Home is the place to go for all your bathroom accessories. Our extensive range caters to all styles and the latest cutting edge trends. Browse our store or shop online to access bathroom accessories that add the finishing touches on your bathroom. At House of Home, adding bathroom accessories to your interior design will be enjoyable and easy.

Bathroom Cup/Tumbler Holders

Simple in design and function, cup/tumbler holders come in a range of colours and finishes to suit the design style of your bathroom.

Toilet Brush Holders

An essential for every home and an accessory that needs to function well.

Toilet Roll Holders

Another essential accessory that comes in a variety of styles, and dispense methods, make sure you pick an easy functioning holder that’s suits your bathroom users and style.

Toothbrush Holders

Seems trivial but, it’s something that gets used everyday and most of the time is out on display on the vanity or shelf so why not put some thought into selecting one that compliments your style.

These come in a variety of styles and sizes, from the single toothbrush holder to the large family sized holder, finding the right design for you will be a simple choice.