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Why Triggered Email is Important

We’ve all done it – we’re online, we’ve found something we love, but then the phone rings, we get distracted by what’s on Netflix, we think we’ll just check another site… then suddenly we forget that we were actually going to purchase that item, and instead we leave the window, close out of the site, and there’s an abandoned shopping cart. What happens next depends on what business processes you have set up – do you have a plan for actively following up on abandoned carts? Let’s cover the basics first.

Why do people abandon a shopping cart?

As we talked about before an abandoned shopping cart can happy for many reasons – distractions, interruptions, a consumer not quite ready to commit. But whatever the reason is, the result is the same – the consumer leaves your site before completing the purchase. The best case scenario is that they’ve filled in enough information in the cart for you to follow them up.

What’s the definition of abandoned cart rate?

An abandoned cart rate is calculated by dividing the number of times that visitors on your site add items to the cart, by the number of times they don’t complete the purchase. If you have 100 visitors on your site, 10 of them add to cart, but only 3 actually complete the purchase, then your abandoned cart rate is 70%.

What can you do to reduce abandoned cart rates?

The first place to start is back at the basics – try and purchase your own products – do the ads contain all of the necessary information? Is it clear what version of the product they’ll be receiving? Is it clear what’s included? Is your pricing clear? Is your freight policy clear? Is your freight cost reasonable? These are all potential reasons that could be driving abandoned cart rates.

Once you’ve worked through and eliminated the factors above, then the problem might be beyond your control – remember the phone ringing, that show on Netflix, that other site to look at…

There are still things you can do – and triggered email is one of the most effective ways to re-engage with a customer who has an abandoned cart.

What is a triggered email?

A triggered email is an automatically generated email that is sent when triggered by a specific action. Abandoning a cart is definitely a clearly defined trigger. House of Home has introduced this month the first phase of its abandoned cart triggered email program.

Any time a customer has put items in their cart, and filled in their details including their email address but for some reason hasn’t finalised the transaction, we will send them a friendly reminder.

Currently the reminders are sent 24 hours after the cart was abandoned, and look like this:

Triggered Email

The email makes it easy for the customer to get back to their cart & to find the products that they initially put in it.

We’ll be monitoring the results of these emails over the next 4 to 6 weeks and will be sharing those with you.

The next phase of our abandoned cart triggered email project will be to set up a series of emails – the initial one closer to the time, then around a day later, and then the final one approximately three days later. We’ll keep you updated when this feature launches.

We’ve also added in a triggered email to the consumer whenever they send one of our retailers an email enquiry. The customer receives a copy of their enquiry, the product details and a link to the retailer’s contact details.

These are both great examples of the functionality we are adding in to the site to make it an even more engaging and positive experience for consumers, and rewarding experience for your businesses.

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