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House of Home and Vend Retail Night

On Thursday 6th July we hosted an SEO Masterclass in partnership with VEND and OBD Services. In the lush surrounds of the Blackman Hotel Penthouse in Albert Park our retail members were treated to some tremendous insight on how to attract, retain, develop and grow engaged consumers to our stores, both digitally and physically.

Our Co-founder, Carlinea Williamson kicked things off with some commentary and insights around how best to sell to today’s “empowered consumer”. Here are the key talking points which are centred around being “consumer centric” and utilising the your “strategic partners” as well as your “data” to grow and prosper as a business.

Using one of the world’s great businesses as a real life case study (Amazon) Carlinea outlined why we think the majority of Australian Retailers won’t win when they arrive and more importantly what you can do to win.


Why they aren’t the silver bullet & what we can learn from the best

  • You need to be data driven. Success on Amazon is all about mining the data, understanding the data and then responding with the right products, the right offer and presenting the right information for the consumer.
  • You can’t rely on product re-branding and re-naming to avoid price comparison.
  • You need to invest in creating customer centric content and develop the skills within your business to create it.
  • You need to ensure that you have efficient business processes around orders and logistics so that you can deliver quickly to your customers.

How can you win – “Be Relevant”

  • Work with your partners: Marketplaces; Advisers; Publishers; Creators – to publicise your brand/products in a relevant way
  • Create customer centric content that is both engaging and relevant
  • Craft a compelling offer around your products with a clear Call to Action
  • Be Data driven in your approach to making decisions

The full transcript of these comments can be seen here.

OBD Services CEO James Cole and Paperlust Co-Founder Alex Boston then drove the SEO Masterclass with the opening position that … “SEO is DEAD”. Providing real world examples to correlate with their theory, they both articulated clearly to all attendees the importance of ‘Relevant Content’ in creating, designing and operating a web presence. The key takeaways of this content is as follows:


How to become relevant online – Tactics Discussed

  • Focus on building relevant and engaging content
  • Build your online network via links and influencers
  • Invest in a discipline & infrastructure
  • Don’t believe them … hear directly from Google

Where do you start

  • Step 1: Evaluate your site for foundation content opportunities
  • Step 2: Build a 6 month content delivery plan
  • Step 3: Write and publish your content
  • Step 4: Share and network your content

Most Importantly – understand and accept that growing organic and relevant traffic takes time. As such, you have to think about this as an investment in the infrastructure of your businesses, as distinct from a quick win. Infrastructure will drive mid-long term benefit for your business which is where true success evolves from.

The feedback we received was extremely positive – so much so that we will be arranging another one in the near future. If you would like to learn more about any of the above – please contact Dave Cain from our team and he will be able to assist.

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