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A new Promotions feature has been created to increase sales by clearly advertising items currently on promotion. Promotions can be set on an individual retailer level which will apply only to their adverts and will not affect other ads. The cost of those promotions created will be borne by the retailer.

Promotions can run concurrently, e.g. 15% off all sofas, Free shipping on all orders over $99.


Promotions Dashboard

By default, the Promotions dashboard will display currently active Promotions. To see Upcoming, Expired or All promotions, select the appropriate option from the drop-down menu, and click on the Show button.


Setting up Promotions

Log into your House of Home account, select 'Promotions' from the sidebar, under the 'My Store' section.


Promotion details

Name: When the user ads a promo item to cart, the discount line item will display this promotion name, so please don’t make it too long


Start/End Dates: These are optional fields to schedule a promotion that will run within specific dates.

Note: Leaving these fields blank will publish the promotion immediately.

Advert page teaser: Setting this text will display it on a banner on the ad detail page this promotion applies to. This field is optional, however if left blank, the banner will not be displayed.

If multiple promotions are live, the promo teaser text will be separated by a pipe "|" character.



  • Dollar discount: Set the discount amount for a flat $x off the ad price
  • Percentage discount: Set the discount percentage for a flat x% off the ad price
  • Dollar discount for every N dollars: This applies the discount dollar amount as many times as the criterion of $x spent is met

Free shipping

  • All orders receive free shipping

Bonus item

  • Enter a single Ad ID here. The ad can not have any variants e.g. it can’t be a rug that comes in different colours or sizes, but it CAN be a book which has no sizes or colours.

Buy N, get one free

  • Enter the quantity for the user to qualify for a free item. The free item would be of the same variant selected e.g. Size: Medium & Colour: Purple


For any of the above Actions you can optionally further refine the promotions to apply for the following criteria:

  • Amount spent: Set the minimum and maximum dollar amount for ads to qualify for this promotion e.g. Free Shipping on all orders over $99
  • Quantity purchased: Set the minimum and maximum quantity for ads to qualify for this promotion e.g. Buy any 2 items and receive a Bonus item
  • Limit to brands: Select a Brand from the drop down menu to which this promotion should apply e.g. $10 off all Phoenix items
  • Limit to categories: Using the dropdown select the category to which this promotion should apply Note: There is no need to apply every category. Just apply the level to which the promotion should be restricted. E.g. just select 'Wood Heaters', NOT 'Building', 'Heating', 'Fireplace', and 'Wood Heaters'


  • Limit to specific ads: You can apply promotions to specific ads. Simply enter the ad ids in the fields supplied. The ads and all their variants will then have the promotion applied

Customer View

When promotions are running, the following are the changes the customer will see during the purchase flow.

If promotion teaser text has been set up with promotion text the text will appear on every page. Multiple promotion texts will be separated by a pipe | character.


When the customer adds the item to their shopping cart, on the cart page the promotion name is shown as a line item, with a discounted deduction from the order. Where multiple promotions apply, the promotion name will be separated by commas, and the discount value will be a total of all the promotion discounts applied.


When the user proceeds to checkout, promotion discount is indicated by a single Discount line item.


Line items

When a customer purchases items on promotion, the deduction will appear as a line item in a few places for the order.

Order confirmation

After the customer places an order successfully, they will receive an order confirmation. There will be a Discount line item identifying how much they saved on the purchase during the promotion.



After the customer places an order successfully, they will be emailed an invoice. There will be a Discount line item identifying how much they saved on the purchase during the promotion.


In your account the order will be listed in outstanding orders like all orders, the only difference will be that there will be a discount line displayed.



Q: Whats the difference between a promotion and a coupon?

A: Promotions are different to coupons in that they are site-wide i.e. the customer doesn’t need to do anything at checkout for the promotion to apply to their order, as long as the order meets the promotion’s requirements.

Q: If there is more than one promotion running, which one will be applied?

A: Both promotions will be applied to the original order total.

This update is now live within your admin portal.

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