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New Ad Type - Request a Call Back

Published 9th April 2018

House of Home is a unique marketplace - we support independent retailers in the home space. Some are selling online, some are in-store and some are more service providers. We now have an ad type that is suited to each of those different requirements.

Use Product Ads when you are advertising something that can be shipped - you can then also specify whether its:

  • buy online - you are happy to ship

  • In-store - you would prefer people to visit your shop

  • Click & Collect - you need to really think about making this a good option for the customer.

And now we have a new Request to Book Service Ad

This ad type allows you to advertise a service - Custom Maker, Kitchen Designer, Interior Designer, Architect, or maybe a Bathroom Designer, on the marketplace. The ads are designed to encourage the customer to request you to be in touch with them - hence their name "Request a Call Back".

These ads are designed to deliver you high quality leads - following up on them and converting them into a sale is up to you!

Tips on writing a great store description

Published 14th September 2016

The number #1 priority when writing a store description for your House of Home account, is that the content must be unique & original. It needs to be different from what is written on your own website, or in your social media profiles.

When thinking about what to write, here are our six golden rules:

• No fluffy marketing sentences

• Include your store name

• Include the type of store you have

• Include an action word – buy, purchase, order, find, discover

• Include the type of product sold in your store

• Include the major metro area, rather than the suburb (if relevant) where you are located. Major Metro Areas include: Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast; Sydney, Wollongong, Newcastle; Adelaide; Melbourne; Perth; Darwin; Launceston or Hobart.

Here are some examples that work well:

Blue Elephant furniture store, is Perth’s favourite store for buying great priced couches.


Looking to buy couches in Perth? Blue Elephant is Perth’s favourite furniture store. Come instore to find a full range of leather couches, modular lounges, beautiful coffee tables and handmade rugs. We stock products from great brands like Methven, Phoenix and Moran

In this example the key product category is too far back & won't work as well:

Located in Subiaco and in business for over 25 years, Blue Elephant specializes in lounges.


Make sure you include action words like: buy, purchase, order, find, discover

Getting the best results from the new product tiles

Published 2nd September 2016

The launch of the updated look and feel has increased the size of the product tiles on House of Home. This change has been made to improve the UI (user experience) and to increase consumer engagement and conversion with your products. To make the most of this change, we have the following recommendations for product images:

Ideally all product images are square. Landscape images are presented to their maximum width, but don't optimise the full height of the tile. Portrait images maximise the full height of the tile, but don't fill the width, so there is wasted white space.

Where possible 1000 x 1000 pixel images are ideal, and will render best on high resolution screens. We suggest a minimum of 400 x 400 pixel images.

Updates to the Place an Ad form

Published 2nd September 2016

We've been updating the form for placing new ads too. Key features that will make placing great ads easier:

  • You can know bulk upload as many images as you'd like to an ad. The only restriction is that the total of the file sizes is less than 32MB. Remember though that higher resolution images are preferred and we do recommend an image size of 400 x 400 pixels minimum.

  • The new image uploader allows you to re-order the images without have to delete and re-upload - makes it super easy to make a great looking ad.

  • We've also added a really cool new feature which allows you to put an image to a particular variant of your product.

  • We've added the ability to include PDF documents with your ads - so for products that need specification information, a technical brochure or more information supplied with them, this is a great new feature. You can upload up to 5 documents, totalling no more than 32MB.

  • Video is playing an increasingly important part in driving online conversions, so we've added in the ability to include a video on each of your ads - simply copy & paste the URL from Youtube.

  • We've cleaned up the interface, so now there's a clearly defined space to input your barcodes & SKUs. These fields make matching data between systems much easier.

  • We've added in shipping dimensions - fill these in as accurately as possible as coming soon is a new shipping calculator to make shipping costs more accurate. Really important to note that the shipping dimensions are inputted at a variant level - so variations in size can be managed here.

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