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Three E-Commerce Hacks

November is nearly ended and maybe you are thinking - what can I do to drive my online sales for Christmas?

At our Growth Hack Night Alita from Milk-It Academy presented three easy, actionable and no cost ideas you can use to drive your sales for Christmas:

1. Friends and Family Discount

Everyone has friends and everyone has family. Why not put together an offer just for them?

How it works:

  • Get together your email list of staff, friends and family or if it's easier use mobile numbers and send a text message.
  • Work out your offer - is it $$ off, is it a percentage discount, or a coupon code?
  • When you are writing your email or text, remember to keep it personal - they are your friends and family. Plus be sure to include your name, your position, and how long the offer lasts for.
  • Then encourage your staff to share it with their friends and family too.

Where it works really well:

Sunglass Hut have sent out a text message direct from their CEO offering 50% off to friends and family to great success. Why does it work? It's written as a personal message, direct from the CEO, it's a compelling offer and people receiving it are encouraged to share.

2. Count down to Christmas

Everyone knows that Christmas is coming, but not everyone knows when the last date to order is. So use your shipping window to your advantage.

How it works:

  • Firstly work out your key dates. Working back from Christmas work out when the last day you can safely ship to different states for a pre-Christmas delivery is.
  • Then go through your email database and segment out your subscribers based on the state where they live.
  • Set up a schedule of emails that counts down to the last possible shipping day to their state to create a sense of urgency.
  • This will work really well if you also include some gift buying suggestions.

3. Collaborate

OK - so this might be a little bit harder to pull off with only four weeks left until Christmas, but this is a great way to grow the reach of your business.

How it works:

  • You need to think creatively.
  • Think about your customer. What else do they enjoy doing? Where are they buying? Which other businesses do they support that aren't in competition with your own? Then think about who you know. Is there someone you could work with? Co-promote each other? Do a send out to each other's databases? Create an offer for each other's subscribers?

We hope you found these tips helpful - thanks to Alita Rodriguez Harvey from Milk-It Academy for sharing these as a part of her Growth Hacking Masterclass.

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