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API Set Up & Maintenance Guide for Shopify to House of Home Connections


• This is a guide for House of Home customers who connect their Shopify product feed to their House of Home account via API.

• When the API connection between House of Home and Shopify is established, Shopify becomes the ONLY source of data for product uploads.

• Any update to product information should only be made on Shopify, and then updated on House of Home via the feed. Shopify is the source of truth.

Initial Set Up Requirements

• Log into your Shopify dashboard and retrieve your API information to send to House of Home. To do this follow these three steps:

(1) On your Shopify dashboard, there is an 'Apps' icon listing of the left menu bar (bottom number two), click it and it will take you to Apps page on the right. There is a 'Private apps' on the top right. It will take you to 'Private apps' page.

(2) On 'Private apps' page, you can manage your private applications (you will create one next). The only way applications get access to your Shopify data is via API. So here they call it 'private apps' which actually means 'information for private apps'. You may 'create private app', and then fill in the title and email. Once finished, it will generate a new private app.

(3) Click into the new private app you just created, you need to send all of this information to House of Home. The keys are encrypted which means only the Shopify backend can recognize them. It's for API access only.

Next Steps

• The House of Home tech team will enter your credential information into the API connector. This creates the connection between House of Home and your Shopify store. House of Home will initialize all of the product data, which will fetch and feed data to House of Home via API. This initial import means that individual product ads will be created in your House of Home account. They are not ready to go live yet.

• The next step is to map the ads into the correct House of Home product categories, brands and variants. This needs to be done via the House of Home spreadsheet uploader. It needs to be completed before the adverts are put online. When accurately completed, ads can be set to publish online. This is done in the House of Home account ad by ad.

• Once the ads are online, House of Home will run regular data updates. Each time the update runs, the following fields are updated:

    Information including product title, 




    Price and sale price

    Inventory quantity 

Frequently Asked Questions

➢ How many pictures will be imported? The first four pictures on Shopify will be uploaded to each product ad on House of Home through the data initialization. Pictures won’t be update via API connector. If you need to update an image log into your House of Home account and update the images in the ad required.

➢ Product categories, brands and variants are manually set in your House of Home account after the initial import via spreadsheet prior to the ad going live. They are not updated by the API connection. We do not recommend changing the product categories, brands or variants after they are put live as it will break the association. If you need to change a categorisation please speak to your House of Home contact prior.

➢ The following data fields including ‘New or Used’, ‘availability’, ‘price type’, ‘price unit’, ‘barcode’, ‘features’, ‘specifications’, ‘standard postage’, ’extra postage’ will not be updated by API connector. They can be updated in your House of Home account. Updating these will not break any association.

➢ Data fields including product title, description, variant, sku, price and inventory quantity will be updated by API connector. They should not be modified in your House of Home account. Any changes should be made in Shopify - each time the API connector runs the new information from Shopify will update on House of Home.

➢ ‘Create’, ‘delete’ and ‘update’ of product variant should only be done on Shopify. The API connector will update the House of Home listings.

➢ ‘Create’, ‘delete’ and ‘update’ of product should only be done on Shopify. The API connector will update the House of Home listings.

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