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Seller Standards

We welcome e-commerce stores and bricks & mortar stores to advertise on House of Home Marketplace. All our sellers are expected to meet and maintain standards to ensure an engaging customer experience for our audience.

Please read through our requirements and make sure your listings comply. If you have any questions, please contact your House of Home Account Manager who will be able help answer them.




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E-Commerce Shipping

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House of Home Endorsed


Online, imagery is everything. Good quality imagery will help to drive your results.

Here’s the minimum requirements:

► One clear product images

► Image to show the product or service that is being offered, or the product in use

► No image is to contain seller contact details or pricing

► Make sure your primary image is free of any text overlays, watermarks or advertising material. Secondary images can contain explanatory, measurements, or annotations.

► Minimum file size 480px x 480px

► Preferred shape:

  • Image one: square 480px x 480px

  • Image two and subsequent: 480px (h) x 720px (w)

► File type – either .png, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg or .webp

Here’s our recommendations:

► Everything above

► Plus – multiple product images showing different angles & details – you can have up to 8 images

► Plus – video

Remember – your images sell your products. So the more questions you answer with your photos, the more likely customers are to buy.

The House of Home Preferred Imagery Style:

► Clean

► Well lit

► Simple

► Product is the hero

► Combination of deep etch and lifestyle or in situ shots



Frequently Asked Questions

What about brochures? Should I include these as an image?

No – you can upload a PDF to the ad, and these will be much easier for our customer to read.

What about spec sheets? Should I include these as an image?

Same as above – upload the spec sheet to the ad, they will be much easier for our customer to read


When you are creating your ads make sure you include all of the information a customer needs to buy.

That means dimensions, weight, application, recommendation, everything. Make it clear and easy to understand.

Include key words in the description that people may use to search for your product. The specifications field is not crawled for the search.

Make sure you classify the product to the correct brand to help customers find it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if the brand I need isn’t there?

Easy just email, call or live chat the House of Home team and we’ll add the brand for you.


OK – this is important, so read carefully.

There are four ways you can offer a product for sale on House of Home:

► Instore

► Buy Online

► Click and Collect

► Or Request a Call Back – this is for service businesses only

Instore: This is easy – if you have product that you have on your showroom floor, even if you have to order it in, then list it as in-store. The purpose of this listing is to advertise that you stock a certain brand and product to attract foot traffic to your store.

Buy Online: This is only for products that you are happy to ship. Generally, this means anywhere in Australia. It isn’t recommended that you offer products that you find difficult to freight. You need to put time into writing your shipping policy & working out your shipping rates, and making sure that these are clearly communicated on House of Home.

Click & Collect: This is the mid ground – the customer transacts online but collects instore so you don’t have to organise freight. Can be really good for driving foot traffic.

Make sure your products are advertised in the right way.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I keep my inventory updated to my webstore?

We recommend using an API connection to manage your listings and keep them up to date on House of Home. Read more about APIs here.


One of the biggest causes of abandoned carts and incomplete orders is cost of shipping and poor communication around shipping costs. Free shipping is a great incentive for people to buy. Clear explanation of your shipping costs and policies reduce cart abandonment significantly. If there is a lead time for your products, this needs to be communicated clearly in the ad so that customers understand the waiting period at the time of purchase.


If you are offering goods for sale as Buy Online then you need to be able to respond like a pure-play e-commerce retailer.

That means:

► Fast despatch – consumer expectation is within 3 days.

► If you can’t despatch in three days then you need to be communicating your customer and advising them of when you will despatch the order.

► Clear communication – you need to provide the correct tracking number to your customer via your House of Home member account. This will trigger automatic emails to the customer, as well as your remittance.


You are a member of House of Home to grow your customer base. Every enquiry is a potential new customer – whether it's via email, a phone call or a walk-in needs to be responded to promptly. House of Home expects all customer enquiries are responded to within 24 hours. Same business day is much better business practice.


We encourage every business to personalize our generic returns policy to reflect their individual business.


This is an exclusive program for sellers that can offer the best e-commerce experience to our customers. The standard required for participation in this program are above and beyond our normal seller standards:

► Products – need to be desirable, on-trend, and competitively priced

► In stock and ready to ship within 24 – 48 hours

► No additional freight charges to what appears in the cart.

► Accurate stock control

► Exceptional clear imagery

► Well written ads

► Clear shipping policy personalised to the business

► Clear returns policy personalised to the business

Product Ads will be endorsed with a House of Home ‘Stamp of Approval’. House of Home will actively support and promote products from sellers that are accepted to this program.

If you think that you might qualify for the program, please let us know - we'd love to be a part of growing your online sales.

Contact Details:


Phone: (03) 9257 3260


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