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Search Trends on House of Home V1

Have you heard about big data? It’s the concept that with more and more of our life being lived online, and each of us creating a trail of data points, as we search, view and click our way around apps and the internet, that’s it’s much easier to build a picture of what people like & don’t like, and even predict what people will and won’t do in the future.

The team at House of Home are privileged to have access to a whole range of insights across a broad range of products that are listed on our marketplace. And we’d love to share them with the AFA members. Over the next year we’ll be sharing stories of what’s happening in the market drawn from all the visits to the site.

The warm weather of the past few months has really driven search patterns. Everything outdoors started trend up in the last quarter of last year - outdoor living, outdoor furniture, and outdoor cushions. The really big movers in terms of interest were hanging chairs & outdoor showers, both up close to 75%. People are looking to create that relaxed atmosphere at home - less about statement outdoor living and more about casual, carefree summers. So maybe it’s no surprise that searches for outdoor screening also spiked 25%?

This trend to more relaxed spaces & furnishings, is something we see happening both indoors & out, there has been a real lift in the interest around more bohemian style and textured products.

Along side searches driven by the coming summer & warmer weather, we also saw people thinking about entertaining and getting ready to host extras at Christmas.

Dining tables are always a popular search term, but the traffic around extension & butterfly tables upticked close to 30%, and making sure there was somewhere for everyone to sit, drove a 30% increase in dining chairs searches over winter numbers.

What else was important? Storage. Everyone it seems is on some kind of quest to declutter, organise, minimise or some combination of all three. Onsite we saw all types of storage getting increasing search volume over the past few months, but this is a trend that’s been building strongly over the past 18 months - thanks Marie Kondo!

Our read on it, is that people are looking to simplify their spaces by having less stuff, (or at least less stuff on view) and then adding warmth and interest to the space with layered textiles, plants and interesting objects - ceramics, wall hangings, personal collections, and a variety of materials - fabrics, cane, rattan, and timber all featuring.

But what’s on people’s to do list for 2018? Well it depends on your age!! We asked the House of Home readers what they were planning on spending their money on in 2018, and the results were pretty consistent. The good news is that Gen Y, or the millenials, are beginning to move out of home and are setting up their own places - so for 40% of those under the age of 35, a new couch or dining table topped the list.

For Generation X - who most likely have been in their own place for a while, maybe with young children, it’s no surprise that a fresh coat of paint tops their list (all those sticky fingers & craft projects). This was the same group that selected “Finally Getting Built in Cupboards” as another key priority - somewhere to store and sort out all of the stuff that comes with kids!

For our baby boomers it was a larger scale project that topped their list - updating the bathrooms or a landscaping project.

2018 looks like being a great year for anyone in the home space. We look forward to sharing the patterns and insights from House of Home with you. Over the coming months we are giving our members access to more data & insight relevant to the categories they sell in. If you’d like to know more, don’t hesitate to contact the House of Home team.

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