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Creating an Ad for Products with Customisations

What are Custom orders?

Custom orders are exactly how it sounds. It is adding in a customisation to a product.

It works perfectly for adding a name or a unique saying to a product, like a personalised pillow slip, a house name plate, or a doormat with your postcode, or for ordering house numbers.

This new feature allows you to set out the choices that you are offering your customer.

So now you can sell online through your House of Home account any products you are offering that need customising.

How do I do it?

Once you start creating a product advert, the very last step is now the Customisation Form. The below will now be visible, e.g:


There is a toggle switch to turn enable/disable the customisation form. The view above is the form disabled and the view below is the customisation form enabled, e.g:

image  1

Please note customisations are only available on product adverts at this time, not for service or ticketing adverts and for products that are ecommerce enabled (aka Buy Online and/or Click & Collect). .

How does it work?

The customisation form is very easy to use.

Simply fill out the create a new product advert as per normal with all relevant variants (colour and sizes these should still be captured in the variants unless these are specific to the relevant customisations).

Now you will be able to add in your custom fields to do this you need to complete the form.

Click on Choose form and then click on Create new Form e.g: image  2

The customisation form enables you to ask a maximum of 5 question/custom fields. To add a question, simply click on Add question e.g:

image  3

The question types can be answered via a text box (the customer inputs a response), a dropdown area (the customer must select one of the predefined options) or a textarea (the customer must input a response, usually longer than the text box). E.g: image  4

Please note a question can be marked as mandatory by toggling on the This question must be answered e.g:

image  5

So to customise a pillowslip, for example, but the same process applies for any product you are adding information to customise.

Your customisation form would require: - A textarea field for: A name - & a drop down box the colour of the name:

Once the form is complete you can save this for future reference and make it available for other adverts in your retail member account: You can also preview the form to make sure it works for your customisations.

How does this look on the site & on invoices?

Here’s an ad with a customisation form for choosing your house number. It shows up on the product page above the Add to cart button. Screen Shot 2017 02 10 at 10.33.08 am

These customisations will also be visible in the shopping cart.

Screen Shot 2017 02 10 at 10.36.43 am

Please also note, another new additional is customers can also add in a comment to the retailer if they have any questions about the order, this is available for all adverts. The message to retailer(s) is found in the shopping cart E.g.

Screen Shot 2017 02 10 at 10.49.26 am

The detail is also shown on the invoice, and in the Outstanding orders in your Retail Member My Account.

Wanting to find all of the ads you’ve added a customisation to? Easy - simply tick the filter box on the Has customisation e.g.:

Screen Shot 2017 02 10 at 10.39.08 am

and the advert will also have a note denoting that it has a customised form attached – see under the product thumbnail image:

Screen Shot 2017 02 10 at 10.41.05 am

We hope you find this new functionality useful to your business. If you have any questions at all on how to ruse it best, please be in touch with the team at House of Home.

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