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Reviews On House of Home

In an increasingly online world, reviews play an incredibly large part in building consumer confidence in purchasing or choosing to go with a service. Customer feedback can also play a really positive part in helping you understand which parts of your business might be causing frustration to consumers.

The independence and trustworthiness of the reviews on House of Home are critical to the overall customer experience, so when we were looking at options for implementing a review system we wanted to make sure that the result would be beneficial to both consumers and our retailers.

As a result we have decided to partner with one of the world’s biggest consumer review platforms, Bazaarvoice. In Australia, Bazaarvoice is powering the review platforms of consumer trusted businesses like Red Balloon & Stayz. They are a fully independent review system. What’s really impressive about Bazaarvoice is that they invest in moderating & checking all the reviews that come through. They use automated techniques to pick up negative language, as well as employing a team of human reviewers to check that ranting, angry or biased reviews aren’t published without being flagged. Customers have the opportunity to resubmit their comments in a more balanced way. This level of screening gives us the confidence that the reviews system will be a worthwhile experience for all of our customers - retailers & consumers.

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Anyone purchasing through House of Home will now have the opportunity to give feedback on each of our retailers through the review system. We’ve started receiving the first through reviews through so far they are overwhelmingly positive:

Screenshot 2 Screenshot 1

All of our reviews will be presented as a star rating on the bottom of each of your product ads, and on your store directory page.

Screenshot 3

Why are reviews important?

Reviews are important in every business, and they should be important to yours. Reviews, or what is often called, Consumer Generated Content (CGC), plays a critical part in driving conversions and sales. They help build consumers confidence. More reviews equals more sales.

• 84% of millennials and 70% of baby boomers cite CGC as having some influence on what they buy.

• Adding reviews to a product page typically results in a 15 – 25% increase in search traffic.

• Some online retailers have seen a lift of up to 73% in conversion when using CGC.

Reviews are also an important part of building organic search success. We understand that Google’s current search dynamic is crucial for online success. The review rating system helps deliver content for your store directory page, and search engines will reward this with higher search results.

A savvy retailer already knows that their best judge is the customer. The comments on the reviews are a great way to understand how people buy, the qualities they value most, and how or where improvements can be made so that ultimately your store will receive ongoing customer loyalty.

Using Reviews to grow your business

Over the next few editions of the RNews, we will be sharing with you Bazaarvoice’s expertise on reviews. We will cover how to respond to reviews, how to grow your number of reviews, as well as answering any questions you may have.

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