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We invest heavily in our technology and are constantly developing and improving features to make sure we are delivering the best experience to both our consumers and our retail members.

Here's a quick look at some of the new features that are being rolled out on House of Home in the next quarter.

After Pay

There is no single thing you can do to fix conversion on any website - it's all about small imcremental improvements, that when combined together underpin a strong performing site.

In saying that, one of the most important things to get right is payment options. We've always supported PayPal and Credit Cards, but in the next couple of months we'll be adding AfterPay as well. After Pay is old fashioned layby online, with the advantage that you don't have to wait to get your goods. Learn about AfterPay here.

We are confident that having AfterPay available as an option for consumers will help to increase both incremental sales and basket size on House of Home.

We'll provide more information on how AfterPay will work for our marketplace retail members when the launch gets closer.

Single AD View

This is a simple idea, a very complicated piece of tech to develop, but a potential game changer for our customer experience, and our retail members too.

In the past if you had multiple stores, in multiple locations, each product from each store had an ad on the marketplace. To keep it simple - if you had 10 stores stocking the same 100 products, that was 1000 product ads on the marketplace.

So that's a great share of voice, but the problem was that customers weren't necessarily connecting with the right store for their state or location.

Lot's of people have been asking for this & finally we are going to be able to offer - one single ad view, with all of your store locations listed.

We'll get you more info as the launch approaches - but to say we are a little excited is an understatement!! Watch this space.

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