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House of Home launches new category to support local designers & makers

Flicking through instagram, blogs, and even magazines, the rooms and homes that draw us in all seem to have a story. Inevitably, these rooms are layered collections of new and vintage, furniture and homewares, and often in amongst it, is a stand out piece that the owner has had built just for them.

Bespoke furniture isn’t a new thing - in fact bespoke furniture has been around a whole lot longer than the consistent, quality controlled factory built version. But as the world has changed, mass market furniture has taken an ever growing piece of the market.

Recently however, we are increasingly seeing interest from consumers wanting furniture and decor for their home that is more meaningful, and more personal. People are seeking out the handmade, and the local craftsmen to make that special piece for their home.

Often it’s a dining table, but handcrafted chairs, stools, bedheads, vanities and more are all featuring. Sometimes the requirement might be for a full room of furniture, but often it’s for a single special piece that becomes a part of a room, adding to the story.

Regardless of the size of the order, for many people the process of working with the designer and maker is just as important, and memorable, as the furniture that is created for them.

Plus there are the added benefits of owning a unique, one-off piece of furniture; knowing that you’ve supported a local business, and a local craftsman, plus you’ve ended up with exactly what you are looking for.

People looking for customised, and personalised products is a wider trend that’s happening in many categories, on and offline, and the resurgent interest in bespoke and custom made furniture fits in with this growing desire for product that is unique and reflects an individual’s taste and personaility

“We are seeing a shift in people’s buying habits. There has always been a group of people who supported locally made, and the Australian maker community, but increasingly we are seeing people looking for a special piece for their home. They may be combining it with existing furniture, or pieces from a chain store, but they are looking for something that speaks to them. That may be a personalised design, the connection with the material selection or working directly with the maker. But increasingly people are looking for furniture with provenance, furniture that comes with a story, particularly a story that they are a part of.” said the team at House of Home.

The House of Home and AFA partnership, is focussed on benefitting both AFA members and of course, creating something that is valuable and useful to consumers.

With our new Custom Designers & Makers category we’ve created a space on the site where local makers can list their business & promote examples of the work they've already done.

Consumers are looking for an easy way to find & connect with local makers, and House of Home gives consumers the option to either browse by maker or browse products made by those makers, all in one location, without having to jump from site to site.

House of Home still have a large range of non-custom ready made product available on the site, it’s just that this is now seperated out. For example we now have two listings for Dining Tables - this one showing dining tables available ‘off the rack’, and then a seperate listing under our Custom Designers & Makers section, that showcases craftsman who specialise in dining tables and examples of their work.

We believe that making people aware that getting a bespoke made table is an option and then showing them the range of options available is a great way to support and promote the local maker community.

Interested in knowing more about the trend to the customised and personalised? Here are some links that you may find interesting: Retail & Shopping trends and an overview and report of made to order consumer businesses written by Deloitte consultancy.

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