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Growth Marketing Masterclass


Learn the Skills of a Growth Marketer

How You Can Use Them This Christmas and beyond to drive your business online

As a kid, the lead-up to Christmas was the happiest time of the year, as a marketer or business owner, it's quite the opposite. Your competitors are emptying their pockets into crazy big marketing campaigns and you're just trying to see a greater ROI than last year without sacrificing your sanity.

Enter the era of Growth Marketers. This snappy breed of marketers knows how to push Christmas frenzy aside to focus on the job at hand, and you, yeah you, can become one! Alita's session will teach you how to combine a hybrid mix of technical, tactical and strategic skills in product, promotion data, sales and marketing to become the Swiss Army Knife of digital marketing and face the silly-season head on.

Learning Outcomes:

  • What is a growth marketer and why every modern retailer needs one
  • How to think like a growth marketer will help you get breakthrough sales
  • 3 growth marketing hacks for Christmas that you can implement now!

Come along and learn practical tips for how you can improve the results from your online marketing campaign.

More about Milk It Academy & Alita Harvey Rodriguez

Milk It Academy is one of Australia's leading digital marketing skills-gap educators. We specialise in transforming old-school businesses and marketing teams into innovative, growth-focussed, tip-top marketers.

Alita Harvey-Rodriguez is known as one of Australia's leading Digital Marketing Futurists and the brains behind Milk It Academy – A research-based training firm created to advance everyday marketers into innovative growth marketers, ready to utilise a mix of technical, tactical and strategic skills in product, data, and marketing. For over a decade Alita has worked with global brands including SAP, Experian, SEMRush, TS14+, Estee Lauder, Myer, Power Retail, & Online Retailer. Alita has built a training program that empowers smaller businesses to use these same disciplines and skills to create digital marketing campaigns that have real results and impact across the business.


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