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Combine Bricks & Clicks

What is Click & Collect?

Click & Collect is another option for selling to your customers. Customers buy online & then pick up instore. The advantages for the customer are that they have secured the product, and know that it will be instore and available, and for the retailer you don't need to ship the item and you get your customer instore to speak with and potentially add incremental sales.

Why Click & Collect?

The goal of any advertising is to sell product, and the reality is it shouldn’t matter how that sale happens – over the phone, instore, or online. After all, it's about making it easy for your customer.

We understand that selling product online and shipping the product direct to the customer doesn't suit every business.

Click & Collect is a transaction type that really does offer the best of both worlds for both customers & retailers.

How does Click & Collect work?

Click & Collect quite simply means that at the time the customer makes the decision to buy, they can act on it. They are able to purchase the product online at a time that suits them, they know that they have secured the product, and then they just need to arrange pick up or delivery.

For the retailer, the upside is that they have a confirmed sale, but more than that, the retailer has the opportunity to engage with that customer in-store when they come in, to value add with service, or incremental sales.

For retail stores, Click & Collect is a great way to take advantage of growing e-commerce sales without having to re-engineer your business around logistics.

House of Home will be promoting the Click & Collect option to our consumers over Spring. We think it’s a great way for retailers to grow their e-commerce results.

Key Advantages for the Consumer

• Customers are looking for more variety in e-commerce shipping options, including purchasing a product ahead of picking it up instore.

• Often this is about convenience – they don’t want to have to take a day off work to receive the shipment during the week, but can come pop in store on a Saturday to collect.

• People worry whether retailers will ship in time, and whether the freight company will deliver it on time for whatever the deadline is – a weekend project, a party, a birthday or Christmas.

• Click & collect in store works well in the lead up to a big event, as it allows retailers to sell online closer to the deadline.

Key Advantages for the Retailer

• If you are a retailer with a store, then click & collect allows you to fill orders from your floor stock & gives you a convenient pick up point to offer customers.

• When a customer comes instore to collect their purchase, you’ve got an opportunity to sell other items that might not have existed online.

• Instore Service should be one of your key offerings; when a click & collect customer comes in, give them your best service & build that brand connection.

Want to know more? Here’s an article on the advantages of Click & Collect

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