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Customer Testimonial - How an API helped my business

API Connections – a Retailer's Best Friend

The past 6 months have seen the amount of products on House of Home more than double, helping us become Australia’s leading Marketplace for all things Home. The reason? API Connections. Today we take a look at what they are, and how they can help grow your business whilst saving you time in the process. We spoke to two ambitious businesses, who have grown their results exponentially with API Connections.

Nick Creelman is the Digital Manager at Appliance Warehouse in Melbourne, and was kind enough to share some insights on why he swears by API Connections.

“The API really has revolutionised our account. There’s minimal human input required, and a more efficient delivery of our product. It’s freed up man hours for other things”. The modern retailer knows that time is money, and this development has been pivotal to the business.

The ultra-competitive market of Appliances requires the fingers to be on the pulse at all times, and this new found time has allowed a sustained focus on this. The change couldn’t be more pronounced,

“It’s made our lives so much easier, otherwise it can be a little time-consuming. And obviously more products, means more Clicks, Enquiries, and Sales”. When pressed for his tips to a great account with House of Home, Nick added “look at your account with a wide lens, be willing to change things up, run promotions etc. It’s all about being dynamic, and in tune with what customers want today”.

But what does it actually do?

In essence, an API (Application Program Interface) is a connection between two endpoints.

In our case, it allows your House of Home account to “talk” to your businesses website, and update information, making sure the two websites match up. The Prices and Quantities on your website will be communicated daily to House of Home, meaning that when you sell out, the product disappears from House of Home as well.

The benefits of this are huge. You no longer have to worry about updating two platforms on Boxing Day, or remembering to adjust your prices and quantities a week later. You no longer have to worry about selling an Out of Stock item, and you can forget about spending your evenings loading up the new Season’s range of products. It’s all automated.

From a results standpoint, the first 50 API connections have been a massive success. Accounts with an API have seen a noticeable improvement in results across all metrics. Views, clicks and enquiries are up across the board. The amount of orders refunded due to lack of stock has never been lower, and retailers can spend their time planning their next great promotion, or even just a couple extra hours with their better half.

With over 1200 products, Online Bathroomware is one of our retail members. Managing such a wide range of product can be daunting, especially in a business which prides itself on its ever-evolving product range, and its desire to be an industry leader promotion-wise. We spent some time talking with Daniel Moore, who waxed lyrical about the benefits it’s bought to his business.

“It was simply a matter of Set and Forget, my products were live in a couple of days, and we’ve never had an issue with price or quantity. I would absolutely recommend an API Connection to anyone on House of Home”.

API Connections are now available to all House of Home members. To discuss the benefits, and to set yours up today, contact Dave on 0419 651 285.

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