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Shopping for Appliances Online

At House of Home we make shopping for appliances online easy by offering an extensive range of products in a variety of styles from the best brands such as Miele, Smeg, Fisher & Paykel, Dimplex, Westinghouse, Bosch and more .

This is a great starting point, but what if you’re not quite sure which appliance options are best for your household? We have the answer! Below is a list of the practical considerations that should be taken into account prior to purchasing an appliance.

Appliance Energy Efficiency Ratings

You can save money with an energy efficient appliance. It’s not a bargain if it’s going to cost a small fortune to run, so it’s important to be aware of the Energy Star Logo that is shown on appliances such as fridges, freezers and dishwashers.

This government energy star rating can be used to determine how your energy and water bills will be effected based on average household use. Choosing an energy efficient model will reduce energy use thus saving you money on bills.

This is a cost that adds up over time so comparing cost in conjunction with energy efficiency not only makes good financial sense but it also much less impact on the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions over the lifetime of the appliance.

Appliance Water Efficiency Rating

A dishwasher uses much less water than washing up in a sink, however, just as an energy efficient rating is important, when it comes to Dishwashers so is the water efficiency rating.

Dishwashers with a 5 star energy efficiency rating can you save up 50-75% on water consumption, while a 4 star will save between 40 – 65% and a 3 star 30 – 50%.

Water is a precious commodity, especially in Australia and with the average life span of a dishwasher being 16 years, its well worth considering the level of efficiency before purchasing one.

Check the Appliance is the Right Size

This is one aspect you can’t afford to get wrong. Be sure to measure the width, depth and height of the area where the appliance will be placed to determine what size you need. This will help you greatly narrow down your search also.

Compare Prices

While some appliances may look similar, they may have additional features which will affect the price point. Determine what these features are and if you think you need them. This could include fancy additional functions may not be utilised or child safety features that are a must. Establishing what features you need will help to narrow down your options.

Appliance Warranties

Compare product warranties. Be aware that different appliance brands will offer different warranties. Most appliances stores will offer extensions on warranties for an additional fee. Depending on the appliance warranty periods begin at 12 months and range from 24 months

Appliance Ease of Cleaning

Last but not least, it’s worth checking with the sales consultant what the appliance finish is like and how easy it will be to keep clean and maintain. Anything that makes like a little easier is a big plus!

Kitchen Appliance Packages

Looking to purchase all of your appliances in a hurry and with ease? You can take the guess work out of coordinating styles, colours, and brands etc. by buying an appliance kitchen package. This is a cost effective way to save time as it allows you to place an order for everything you need in an instant.

View our Kitchen Appliance Packages.

Kitchen Appliance Trends

So what’s new in kitchen appliances and which ones are the most highly sought after this year?

Fridges with French doors are a very popular choice, as are self-cleaning ovens that come equipped with a built-in steamer. Silent rangehoods with motors that are mounted externally help reduce noise in the kitchen. This type of rangehood has just become more readily available to the general public and as such is quickly becoming a preferred option.

Black Kitchen Appliances

The matte black trend that has swept Australia by storm continues to filter through to kitchen appliances There is has been a marked increase in number of matte black fridges, dishwashers, ovens and rangehoods on the market.

When it comes to small appliances many are concealed by being integrated into cabinetry or hidden in a pantry, however for the ones that remain on show the most popular choice has been matte black.

View our Black Range of Kitchen Appliances.

Kitchen Appliance Styles

From modern appliances that are sleek and sophisticated, to more traditional looking appliances, House of Home have something to suit every style of kitchen.

Retro Kitchen Appliances

Retro – A theme that never goes out of style. Retro look appliances bring character and charm to a kitchen. The retro appliance form takes on a gentle curvature that brings a softness to a kitchen and work really well with vintage look kitchens, shabby chic kitchens or Scandinavian inspired kitchens.

View our Retro Range of Appliances.

Coloured Kitchen Appliances

There are a stunning range of bold and bright colourful appliances on the market today, so if you have a fairly neutral kitchen that you are looking to refresh introducing some colour by way of your appliances is a perfect solution. This is also a relatively inexpensive way to add a splashes of colour to the kitchen while adding an unexpected element of fun.

Looking for more kitchen inspiration? Don’t miss our articles Kitchen Design Trends 2018 and Modern Kitchen Colour Schemes.